Raising Tiny Humans: You Don’t Know Jack

baby tongue funny smile

Checking your clothes for poop-stains, never going to the bathroom in peace again—raising tiny humans is dirty work. Fouad Alaa reflects on the insanity (and joy) that is parenting.

Supporting My Real Family


Stepfather Kieron Casey wonders what it means to be a “real” father.

Papa’s Kiss

Sara Moran-Papa's_Kiss___for_your_RealFatherhood_campaign

Every day Sara and Damian get to be Cody’s parents is a gift.

‘A Baby Who Is Manlier Than Me’ Internet famous open heart surgery baby sparks discussion of manhood.


Baby Joey helps define what it means to be “manly” – in more ways than one!

Butting Heads


Jaime Tomé’s son challenges him in everything, including Scouting.

Inner Critic


The intrusive voice of the inner critic has a familiar sound.

A Moment


From the moment his son was born, the kind of father Steve Marsh wanted to be, began to change.

Cisco Araya, Real Father


Cisco Araya is a a little bit opera, a little bit heavy metal, and an entirely devoted husband and father.

Fatherhood and the Black Community


Tim Brown hopes he’s up for the challenge of a daughter’s braids someday, too.

The Morning After


Evan Meck woke in terrible pain, sure something was very wrong.

The Older Parent


Aaron Brinker doesn’t ever want his son to think he’s too tired for him.

Connect Four


Connect with the ones you love, every chance you can.

Stitches? Nah.


Matt Peregoy’s dad teaches a lesson in self-sufficiency.