Using a Grappling Hook is Much Harder Than it Looks Like in Movies

On the big screen, the hero always easily clears the raging river with their trusty grappling hook and rope. In real life, sometimes you just swing right into the water.

How Men Can Craft Their Own Game of Real Life

How one man applied his “mad gaming skillz” to his daily existence, and you can too.

147 Of The Answers For You, For Now (Oh Dear Graduates)

 Each year, English teacher Jeremy McKeen gives his seniors a few pieces of advice. It’s been fourteen years since he started teaching. It’s added up. — During the final weeks of my first year of teaching I don’t remember having much advice to give my seniors. I was all of 22 years old and still a […]

The Dad Who Went Viral Announces a New Book!

Doyin Richards was more surprised than anyone when a simple picture of him tending to his daughters went viral. He now hopes his new mission to get the word out on good dads gets a similar reception.

12 Lessons Learned In 12 Years Of Marriage

“We were young, in love, and ready for marriage when we said ‘yes’ in our early twenties. But that doesn’t necessarily mean we were prepared.”

In Today’s Society, it’s Still Cool to be a Gentleman

Debates rage around what makes up a gentleman’s life as roles are being redefined in our world. Joe Rutland suggests that being a gentleman is still hip.

Comment of the Day: “Relationships have to work in the everyday for me if they are to last.”

Relationships evolve. Sometimes less really is more.

My Child Is Not Extraordinary, and That’s Ok

We’re not all winners: Kathy Wilson shares tips on how to prepare a child’s self-esteem for adult life.

RealLifeStarter: The Kickstarter That Encourages Millennials To Get Real Jobs (Video)

Here is a comedic look at the sometimes difficult lives of young creatives.

Monsters University and Being a Young Man

Monsters University reminds us that failing does not always stop us from achieving our dreams, something that more young men desperately need to hear.

Watch These Real Life Action Heroes Risk Their Lives to Save Others

A video filled with heroic actions that will lift your spirits.

When Does Sharing Become Oversharing?

In a culture where oversharing is de rigueur, Patrick Brothwell finds that blogging while remaining authentic and not crossing boundaries is becoming increasingly difficult.

Juggling Real and Online Life For Our Kids

In a world where we become more and more dependent on technology, Doug Zeigler tries find an equilibrium between the real and online worlds for his children.

Ask the Feminist…Again

Heather N. is back to give some answers. She just needs your questions.

Noble Hierarch is Not a Slut

As big nerds, Charles and I like to do nerdy things. Recently, we’ve managed to infiltrate a dear college friend’s weekly Magic: The Gathering club. This is super good news! I’m the only woman, but I’ve come to expect that. We have a lot of fun, though, so the strangenesses are pretty much excusable. There’s just one […]

30 Days Without Social Media: One Week In

At the end of a week without social media, Collin Slattery is becoming aware of the changes in himself.