What Is A “Real Man”?


Ryan “Brown” Dalton on the REAL MAN campaign, and the questions of why we even need a term like “real man” to begin with.

Real Men and Self-Perception


Amber Colyer shares her observations of a man’s need for validation and how this affects how men view themselves.

This Year, I’m Dressing as a Man

me- real man post

This year, I’m breaking the rules. I’m a man, dressed up as a man.

The “Real” Man Challenge I Hope All Fathers Take

Real Father Challenge

One father’s answer to the “challenge craze.” It doesn’t involve cinnamon or buckets of ice water. Could YOU meet this one?

‘Real Men’ Have Working Hearts

real men 2

You’ve seen the viral photos of “real men” in their underwear. Tony Posnanski thinks defining any man as “real” does more harm than good.

How Society Teaches Men To Abuse Women – A Man’s Perspective


Charles Orlando explains that violence against women is not innate to masculinity, but rather something taught.

“Just wanting lots of sex with multiple partners does not make you shallow or immature.”

healthy sex

This comment by Steve on the post “Confidence Is Sexy.” This is the Kind of Woman that Real Men Love. A Confident One.

“Be A Man!” The War Cry, The Tragedy.

In this excerpt from his new book, The Remade Parent, author Brett Hetherington, talks about the typical cold, distant father. And their impressionable sons.

The Boy in the Boardroom: When Sexual Abuse and Manhood Collide

photo by Tyler Merbler

C. K. Carlton thought he knew what a real man was. Turns out, he had it all wrong.

10 Responses to the Phrase “Man Up”


Are you tired of hearing this? Man up. Man up. MAN UP! So is he.

Thank God for Community

photo by samjuk

Roger Torbert has seen the change since God put men in his life to help and support him.

The Mangina Monologues: The Battle Over “Real” Masculinity

Will The Real Man Please Stand Up

Will the real “real men” please stand up? Alex Bove would like to examine this unhealthy conception of gender.

The Innate Sexiness of Everyday Men in Underwear


David Stanley looks at a campaign that shows what everyday men would look like modeling underwear. And he likes what he sees.

28 Ways to Spot a Real Man


Need a hero? Here’s 28 ways to spot a man that’ll be up to the job.

“There is a push for women to be their most genuine selves, and yet now there is makeup for men!?”


This is a comment by Cameron Brown on the post “Makeup for Men? Why?”

Real Men Don’t Teach


A school teacher realizes that as long as he teaches he will never gain the status of a real American man, someone who really matters.