Alan Kay and a Man’s Two Month Search for Water, Shelter, Fire and Food: An Exclusive Interview

J.W. Holland asks The History Channel’s Season One ALONE winner not only about his quest for survival, but what insights he gained about men in today’s society.

I Only Watch Sports on TV

Andrew Smiler doesn’t watch weekly series because he’s not willing to make an emotional commitment to a TV character.

How Competition Among Women Reinforces Sexism

“We need to stop expecting other women to help us just because we’re women, too.”

The Meister Piece with Access Hollywood Host and MTV Road Rules Star Kit Hoover

Susie Meister talks with fellow Road Rules alumna and current Access Hollywood host Kit Hoover about reality TV, motherhood, and life in tinseltown.

The Meister Piece: “Reality Steve” Carbone Talks Television

In the latest installment of her ongoing interview series, “Road Rules” champion Susie Meister interviews a noted online TV critic who hasn’t missed an episode of “The Bachelor” in nearly a decade.

Susie Meister Interviews “Hoarders” Extreme Cleaning Specialist Matt Paxton

In the latest installment of her podcast series, MTV reality star Susie Meister gets real with “Hoarders” extreme cleaning specialist Matt Paxton.

Crossing the Line: How I Met My Husband While Starring on an MTV Reality Show

MTV reality star Susie Meister explains why she “crossed the line” at her workplace and married a crew member from Real World Road Rules Challenge: The Ruins.

Becoming Who You Want to Be (When You Grow Up)

Who do you want to be when you grow up?

21 Gun Salute for the AND1 Mixtape Tour

A journey back into Streetball’s most prominent vessel.

Don’t Touch That Dial: New Reality TV Show “7 Days of Sex”

Jamie Reidy discusses Lifetime’s “7 Days of Sex” that is designed to save marriages.

How Much More Singing Can America Take?

With the premier of Simon Cowell’s X Factor, Robert Steven Williams wonders if another singing show can last.

Blagojevich Reality Show Inside?

Former Governor of Illinois Blagojevich supposedly turned to his lawyer moments after being convicted of 17 felony counts including holding up a children’s hospital for campaign contributions and auctioning off President Obama’s vacant Senate seat and asked, “Who can we get to do the show on the inside?”

Welcome to Dad Camp

VH1’s new reality show, Dad Camp, wants its young dads to man up. Good luck with that.

Sweet Talk

  I wanted a girlfriend who was sexy and smart, so I picked up this hooker and gave her a copy of “Ulysses.” I figured it was easier to make a whore smart than the other way around, and also, okay, the sexy part was more important to me than the smart part of the […]

Her Boyfriend

“Well, I don’t know about that, but my boyfriend says,” she began, only to pause in her narration to take a wad of gum that she’d been saving on the corner of her napkin and reinsert it into her mouth. What a disgusting move that was. He—this wretched, unlovely man–sighed. My boyfriend says, he thought. […]