Reality (TV) Bites

Tillie Star

Fashion blogger Tillie Adelson of MyStilettoLife learns firsthand about the dishonest side of reality TV auditions.

30 Seasons of Survivor vs. 30 Real Worlds v. 30 Wrestlemanias. The Ultimate Triple Threat Match.

PicMonkey Collage

The start of the 30th season of Survivor necessitates a pivotal pop culture analysis as we are also in the midst of the 30th season of The Real World (true story) and there have also been 30 Wrestlemanias.

Why this LGBT Advocate Supports TLC’s “My Husband’s Not Gay.”

my husbands not gay

It’s time we had an honest discussion about sexual orientation and religion.

Why Has There Never Been an Unemployment-Themed Reality TV Show?


With the right help, the whole cast could be winners, says employment strategist Richard B. Alman.

‘The Quest’ Breaking New Ground in Reality TV


Go Medieval with The Lord of The Rings meets The Amazing Race on ABC — Are you looking for something different in Reality TV? Well, here it is! What happens when you get the makers of The Amazing Race, The Lord of the Rings’, and The Blair Witch Project together? You get “fantasy-reality.” Variety calls […]

Wherein This Real Life Gay Couple Moves In With An Anti-Gay Preacher


It was bound to happen. A reality TV show reaches the bottom of the explosive cliche barrel.

Throwing Our Kids to the Lions: The Dangers of Scared Straight


Answers about what works best for troubled young people should be based in sound research not in storytelling aimed to generate profits for television networks.

Rags to Riches to Rags: Achieving Fame, Losing it, and Finding Yourself

Apollo Poetry

After appearing on MTV’s True Life and finding early fame and wealth, Apollo Poetry lost it all, only to find true success and stumble onto his own happiness.

The Bachelor’ is Wrong and Cliche About Gay Men-But Accidentally Right About Reality TV

One red rose for 30...make that 1....woman.

Current ‘Bachelor’ Juan Pablo Galavis comments about gays were off-base, but he got one thing right.

Too Cold for Television

family-by tinkerbrad-flickr

When you write a blog, sometimes you have encounters with people that surprise you. I had one of those encounters this week.

Sunset Chasers: Only on The Weathers Channel, and The Discouvery Network


Oh the sheer devastation of this sunset!

Cue the Brady Bunch Theme Song: Donald D’Haene DISHES with Florence Henderson

Florence Henderson Press Photo

Donald D’Haene talks with Florence Henderson about families, reality television, and Robert Reed aka Mike Brady coming out as gay—as well as her new show: All the Lives of Me…A Musical Journey.

On Being a Prepper: Disaster Preparedness and Moral Standards

Coast Guard Rescue

Capt. William E. Simpson, well-known ‘prepper’, gives some examples of how the best prepared in an emergency situation or disaster have training, experience, and moral courage.

I Don’t Want to Keep Up With The Kardashians

Old TV

Alex Yarde remembers sitting down as a family to watch TV together, and thinks about the ways in which entertainment has changed over the years – for better and for worse.

Zimmerman: Do We Need the Daily Trial Blow-by-blow?


When any trial becomes the sole focus of the media, we miss crucial other things that are happening in our world.

Somebody’s Been Tinkering With My Television

Tv jumping shark

Television and film writer Greg White offers an insider’s perspective on why great television can suddenly go so bad.