A Man’s Guide to Surviving Unemployment

the next pink slip might be yours photo by Bernard Pollack

5 tips on navigating a hostile job market with focus and calm from Steve Harper, a life-long freelancer.

3 Feminist Lessons From Beyoncé, LeBron, and Eva Longoria

3 Feminist Lessons From Beyonce, LeBron, and Eva Longoria photo

Alyssa Rosenberg takes a closer look at what men can learn from women and why men and women need to be equally invested in pay equality.

“That’s why the recent budget deal that cut military benefits by $6B is a problem, don’t ya think?”

Homeless Veterans

This comment by Tom Brechlin on the post From Colonel and Pentagon Aide to Homeless



“Back in the kitchen I found Robert licking one side of each pepperoni before he put it on the pizza.” By Thomas Thulman

You Can’t Find Your Dream Job? Good.

drive through-by williac-flickr

Matthew Branch has worked six jobs and two internships since graduating college. Each failed job has helped strengthen his sense of purpose.

Debt, Survival and Hope

Man Claddagh Ireland photo by phalinn

Jillian Godsil discusses the rising suicide rate of men in Ireland, and across Europe as a whole.

Pride and Recession


Brian Shea has seen a recessionary job market before, and knows he’s lucky to have come through it, and learned from it.

After I Leave My Job, Then I Go to Work

After I Leave My Job then I Go to Work photo by tripp

Peter Kirby Harris, on the new working practices of Millenials.

The Value of a Man

The Value of a Man photo by seabamirum

Veronica Grace can’t understand how the man she loves only sees his value in terms of a traditional, successful job.

Are You The New Serial Killer Target?


And even if so, does it actually matter? Thinking about risk and death.

How to Win the Lottery Every Single Time You Play

lottery ticket

Can you really win the lottery every single time you play? In a word, yes. In two words, heck yes.

Get A Job! The Myth of Labor


Our images of manhood and success are too often tied to a “working man” image that doesn’t exist in the real world any more.

Is It Fair to Believe Men Can Be Summed Up By Our Desire to Drink, F*** and Swear?


Even “regular guys” aren’t two-dimensional stereotypes, says Tom Matlack.

You’re Going to Vegas?


Why a 22-year-old who doesn’t drink, smoke, or gamble would choose life in Sin City.

6 Ways to Survive a Recession Without Having to Do Porn… Unless You Want to

He's thinking about doing porn.

Rapper Mystikal says he will do porn if his next CD doesn’t sell. Here, Showtime offers 6 other ways to survive during a recession in case that’s not your thing.

Writing Outside the (Idiot) Box


Dream of churning out laughs for the Hollywood machine? Do it from home, counsels Greg White, who finds freedom writing for anything but TV.