Dads Cookin’ With Kids; Recipes that Bond


4 Ingredient Recipes for Dads that Rock

My Jewish Family’s Christmas Tradition—German Pancake

German Pancake

Many Jewish families have their own special Christmas traditions. Thomas Fiffer remembers—and recreates—his mother’s German Pancake.

Forget “Blurred Lines”–You Know You Want Mulled Wines


Jarad Dewing helps you add a dash of class to your holidays with this easy spiced wine recipe.

Easy & Zesty Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Salad


Looking for a fresh, healthy salad to make? Tantalize your taste buds with this.

Empowering Kids in the Kitchen: Kid-Safe Tortilla Grilled Cheese


Here is an easy recipe for kids to get involved in preparing their lunch. What other recipes you and your kids would like to see?

Papa’s Pilar Mai Tai – All in Pictures


If you’re looking for a good way to close the summer, try this delicious cocktail made with Hemingway inspired rum.

Power Cinnamon Toast and New Innovative Kid-Friendly Book


Want a way to include your kids in making a fast, delicious breakfast?

Microwave Popcorn with Action: Full-On Flavor, You Bet, With Chocolate!


Check out this delicious, easy snack with step-by-step photos.

Ramen Smash! Dorm Room Snack by and for College Students


Looking for easy dorm snacks and recipes? The Ramen Smash is one of many.

7 Strange Things that Can Help Relieve Stress


I’m a big fan of science. Here are some unexpected ways to knock out stress.

“Tasting the Tour” with a Cherry (Peaches & Blueberries) On Top – All in Pictures


Here’s an easy to make fruit compote that’s delicious with yogurt or as a topping.

“Tasting the Tour” Very Simply: Baguette Full-On!


For an easy, flavorful meal, try this baguette recipe straight from France.

Lessons in Baking Bread


Making bread is slow, but easy. It offers something greater than just good food.

Microwave Power French Toast


Looking for a delicious, easy way to power up with breakfast? Try out this french toast recipe with step-by-step photo instructions.

Bachelor Chow: Generic Stir-Fry


The easiest and most foolproof steps to make hundreds of variations on a classic, reliable meal.

Quick & Easy Hot Chocolate From Scratch in the Microwave Oven—All in Pictures


There’s no need to reach for instant hot cocoa powder when it’s so easy to make hot chocolate from scratch.