Beneath the Turf

Fungus finder Curtis Broberg smiles with a day's harvest.

Hunting White Truffles in the Pacific Northwest

DIY: Do Your Pork Chops Need Fixing?


Don’t quit grilling too soon, and why the best grilled pork chops ALWAYS have a bone.

Yes, #MenDoCook! Join our #GMPChat Tonight 9pm Est

WiseJackCooking Twitter Chat

We’re getting our cook on on tonight’s #GMPChat with Guest @WiseJackCooking.

My Lightbulb Moment: The Genders & Cooking


In the exasperated moment when that, yes, admittedly sexist, sentence came out of my mouth, everything changed for me.

Empowering Kids in the Kitchen: Kid-Safe Tortilla Grilled Cheese


Here is an easy recipe for kids to get involved in preparing their lunch. What other recipes you and your kids would like to see?

When the Grill Used to Be The Man-Zone

grilling photo by basheertome

JJ Vincent looks at outdated stereotypes in advertising: Pretty food in the kitchen? A woman is cooking it. Junk food, sloppy food, on the grill? Chances are a man suddenly appears.

Ramen Smash! Dorm Room Snack by and for College Students


Looking for easy dorm snacks and recipes? The Ramen Smash is one of many.

How To Grill Pizza Using Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust – All in Pictures


Bruce Tretter discovers the ease and fun of making a fresh-grilled pizza with Pillsbury Artisan Pizza Crust and shares his favorite recipe – all in pictures.

Microwave Power French Toast


Looking for a delicious, easy way to power up with breakfast? Try out this french toast recipe with step-by-step photo instructions.

My Mother’s Counter

cooking, men cooking, frying, frying pan, healthy cooking, man cooking

Has cooking just become a chore? Craig St. John reflects on the spirituality of finding and preparing food.

Bachelor Chow: Introduction


The beginning of our guide to single cooking for the cheap and lazy.

Oven Roasted Sweet Potato Fries – French Fry Alternative: All in Pictures

sweet potato fries, french fry alternative, bruce tretter

For those of us looking to cut back on our French fry habit, sweet potato fries offer a tasty alternative.

6 Guilt-Free Alternatives to French Fries


Find a yummy and healthier option to satisfy your cravings.

Top Ten Ten Year Old Boy Valentine’s Day Gifts


This year, surprise your honey bunny with some sweet Valentine’s Day gifts from the innocent days of your youth. She’ll flip over these thoughtful and fun signs of your affection!

Quick & Easy Hot Chocolate From Scratch in the Microwave Oven—All in Pictures


There’s no need to reach for instant hot cocoa powder when it’s so easy to make hot chocolate from scratch.

Roasted Chestnuts: Quick, Easy and All in Pictures


Freshly roasted chestnuts are a winter delicacy you can make easily, using a microwave or toaster oven.