5 Things People With Depression Can do to Stop Being Stigmatised

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In today’s mental health climate, there is arguably no hotter topic than stigma.

Sometimes Trauma Resurfaces When We’re Best Ready to Cope With It


“But why did it surface now?” I asked myself that question many times during the first year of my struggle with the molestation.

The Most Uncool Thing I’ve Ever Written About Drinking

This beer makes my head feel so tiny!

With the trend of the lethal drinking game “Neknominations” becoming mainstream, Amy White wants to reach out to kids with her story … and doesn’t care how uncool you think it is.

How Men Can Support Women Post Sexual Abuse


Two years ago his wife was kidnapped, stabbed, shot and sexually assaulted by nine men. Here’s the story, the mistakes he made in trying to help and the lessons he wants to put into the world for other men who may find themselves in a similar situation.

Dialogue Between the Adult Survivor and the Wounded Inner Child


Cecil Murphey, the adult, acknowledges the child who experienced childhood sexual abuse. He describes a cathartic inner dialogue between the adult survivor and the wounded inner child.

Out of the Shadows: 10 Child Sexual Abuse Statistics


Jayneen Sanders offers 10 compelling reasons why we should keep finding ways to prevent our children from being sexually abused, and why we should provide effective methods for healing and recovery in the event that such abuse happens.

3 Shades of the Holiday Man: Grinch, Grouch & Grateful


Joe Rutland on holiday blues and how to beat them.

Nerve Cocktails, Frozen Peas and Laughter: One Man’s Vasectomy Story


As Phillip Chesnut was entering the doctor’s office for his vasectomy, the patient on the way out whispered “Good Luck”. Phillip soon found out why.

Depression Is An Illness—But So Many Sufferers Don’t Treat It Like One

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Danny Baker is alarmed by the number of people who think they can deal with their depression without help.

America Anonymous


Why do we fail so spectacularly at treating addiction? Maybe because we’ve never been able to agree on what it is.

Man Up? Woman Up? How About We All Just Stand Up?

Men Women Stand Up photo by beglen

Tamara Star’s advice to all adults, men and women, on how to live more responsible lives.

On Making Amends and Finding Gratitude

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There are many paths to gratitude. Matt Clapper’s led him through a series of amends, and he is the better for it.

Stressed? There are Alternatives to Tossing Back a Cold One

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Per Wickstrom explores alcohol addiction and points out some alternatives to using alcohol to reduce stress

Stepping Away From Tragedy

stepping from tragedy

We’re all recovering from something, but that’s okay. Just keep stepping.

A Sex Addict Reviews ‘Thanks For Sharing.’


Don Q. knows first hand what it’s like to be in recovery for sex addiction. And he’d like to thank the movie “Thanks for Sharing” for getting so much of it right.

Battle of the Wills: Stubborn Son, Stubborn Me

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Elisabeth Corey had never met something she couldn’t control…before she met her son. Here’s how she learned to let go.