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If Prince Died From a Drug Overdose I Hope It Will Not Have Been in Vain

As I write this, there are reports that the rock star, once again known as Prince, was treated for an opioid drug overdose six days before he was found unconscious and dead in his home.

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The Importance of Living Small

Being a Big Man is about the Small Things ___ Tiny events. Small, minor stories. Events add up. Decisions matter. Do you want to make your days profound? I wrote about this in my journal the other day, “I try to make my day profound. I want it marked with excellence, exuberance and the etchings of […]

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The biggest gift of my divorce was the release to become a happier, healthier, and more loving partner to a new woman. I bring my joy and my affection, and this time, the rules of engagement are very different.