Use the Future to Create a Better Life for Yourself: The Ebenezer Effect

Want to see your future? What you see may shock you. ___ Imagine that you could glimpse into your future. Would it change you? Some people imagine that a vision of the future would change them: To see yourself in your successes, your loneliness, your struggles. We live life on cruise control Life is every […]

Recovery, Brexit and Finding Yourself

Recovery is not about how much you know, it is about finding yourself again.

The Subtlety of Emotional Abuse

Women aren’t crazy—we simply have feelings and have every right to express them without being invalidated or labeled as crazy.

10 Ways that Recovery is Like Camping

Camping can teach you and me some important things about recovery. ___ When I get home from most camping trips I am in need of recovery. Not because I drink a lot, but because I have not eaten properly or slept well, because I have more blisters than I need and because I have a […]

How a Good Night’s Sleep Could Change the Face of Stroke Rehabilitation

Not fully considering sleep in neurorehabiilitation and long-term care is detrimental to patients.

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About Crazy #2: Letter to 22-year-old Me.

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