The Goodbye Letter to My Addiction

B.K. Mullen is done. He’s had enough. Now he is going to tell his addiction why.

If You’ve Ever Been Afraid….

Fear can be a powerful force against trying something new—but that might change after you checkout this incredible video montage.

Up Niagara Falls Without a Barrel

The climb was supposed to be a secret until after the Super Bowl, but the story was too big to contain.

Man Breaks Speed of Sound – With His Body

That’s 833.9 MPH!

The Power of the Patch

Trucker Todd McCann discusses the different types of security guards one can encounter on the road.

Video: Gliders vs Wingsuiters

Watch as glider planes and wingsuiters chase one another over the Austrian landscape.

Red Bull Launchpad: Submit Your Amazing Idea

Have you ever wanted to skydive from space, do a back flip on a jet ski, or snowboard down sand dunes? Well you’re in luck, my friend. Red Bull is ready to give your wildest idea wings with Launchpad.

The Changing Nature of Risk

We are in an era where we’re redefining what a good risk to take is, and what the reward should be for taking it.

The 10 at 10

How to be a good Valentine, Arcade Fire shocks the Grammys, and God will make you famous.