Fatherhood Motivated By Heartache

What motivates Doyin Richards to be the dad he is today? Pain and heartache.

Light Between the Bars: The Road to Redemption


A man put a group of prison inmates in a room with nothing but a camera. The result is stunning.

Golf: A Sport of Frailty and Redemption


Adam Crawford explains how the theme of redemption runs through the core of the sport of golf and why that attracts us to the game.

Washing the Feet of the Homeless

homeless feet

Teaching our children to be humble by role modeling selfless service.

To Shawshank, With Love


Brian Rutter contemplates life choices and finds redemption through the power of Shawshank Redemption. Again and again and again.

I Need To Get To Heaven – My Son Needs Me


His son is in heaven, but Andrew Lawes is on a fast-track to hell. His only hope of meeting his son is to be a good man. His first step is to confess his sins.

Unholy Confession: My Split-Personality Disorder

flowers darkness

Andrew Lawes has tried to live in this world for 29 years. His only hope of survival is to show you his world and hope you accept him in yours.

The Hole a Father Leaves by Leaving

The Hole a Father by OWN

Kyle’s father abandoned him, causing unbearable pain. But this young man has pushed past shame to redeem his life and claim his manhood.

The Secret to Stories Revealed

The Secret of Stories by TED

When a story takes hold of, transports, and truly transforms us, it’s more than the power of connection at work. It’s seeing ourselves in the face of another.

How’s It Feel Tough Guy? (Video Excerpt)

How's It Feel Tough Guy

Mike Palombi’s unfortunate life choices has led him from a Prisoner of Pride to a Prisoner of Hope.

The Redemption That Wasn’t: Riley Cooper Is No Role Model of Mine

riley cooper redemption photo

[B]eing a man, being a good man, a man worthy of praise, a man worthy of admiration, a man worthy of second chances, of redemption even, that takes a whole lot more than catching touchdown passes.

The Son of a Preacher Man, Nate Phelps, Son of Fred

nate phelps

Irine Keizer Wilson sat down for a very personal interview with Nate Phelps, the son of the founder of the Westboro Baptist Church.

Every Streak Must End

handcuffs photo by v1ctor casale

Rob Azevedo has watched more than one friend of his go off to prison and come back a better man.

Holding Sadie: A Father Hits Bottom and Returns to Happiness

Ryan and Sadie

Ryan Phillips had to lose everything he had before he understood what was truly important.

Tiger Woods, Redemption?

Tiger Woods AP Photo

Michael Taylor believes that in order for Tiger Woods to achieve redemption, he must first see himself as an ordinary man.

Russian Man Who Spent 3 Years In Chilean Prison Will Now Play Pro Soccer For Them


Maxim Molokodeov is proof that second chances do exist.