Want To Be A Better Man? Become A Soccer Referee

There is no hiding from criticism on the field. How you respond says a lot about you as a man.

The Soccer Ref

It was the Yellow Wasps versus the Highlight Cupcakes. Actually, it was a 36 year old, out-of-shape dad, versus fourteen seven-year-old girls.

Putting Kobe’s Slur in Context

Based on public fines in the NBA over the last few seasons, how bad was Kobe Bryant’s homophobic slur?

NBA Referee Sues AP Writer Over Tweet

Yes, NBA referee Bill Spooner is suing a reporter over a tweet.

Good Comment of the Day: Fighting Our Implicit Biases

As Malcolm pointed out, the fact that we all harbor some biases doesn’t mean we can let it affect our quick decisions.

Study of the Day: NBA Refs Are Racist Like You

Researchers analyzed over 600,000 calls from the 1991 to the 2004 NBA season.

A Betting Man

Tom Matlack talks to disgraced NBA referee Tim Donaghy about betting on games he refereed, gambling in America, and the road to recovery and redemption.