If Today is the Day

If today is your day. Or mine. What will you change? How will you treat those around you? What will you spend your moments on?

Twenty Years Later, This Bully Apologized

He didn’t know the men he’d been mean to, but that didn’t matter. He tried to make it right.

Would You Give Up All Emotion to Be Free of Regret?

After a car accident left her with “emotional amnesia” Theresa Byrne was dismayed that the first emotion to return was one she’d always considered useless.

How FOMO Caused Me to Actually Miss Out

Don’t look back with regret; live your life appreciating what’s around you here and now.

How I Stayed After Being Cheated On

We have a choice before us. One on hand, is everything we’ve ever known and loved, and on the other, an unknown and dark future. What would you choose?

Finding Your Passion: 5 Questions You Need to Ask

What do you do when you have a job, but it’s just not your passion? August McLaughlin responds to a reader’s query.

The 11th Commandment

Hell hath no fury like the Twitterverse.

Critical Habits of Mentally Tough People

Dr. Travis Bradberry shares strategies for how to be mentally tough and take action, especially when you feel stuck.

What If You Had No Tomorrow?

Ty Phillips confronts the ultimate question.

A Life Lived Without Regrets Is a Life Worth Living

We’re all going to stumble and fall. But the important part is that we get back up, and live life without regrets.

5 Reasons to Sell Everything and Move to Hawaii

Whether it’s Hawaii or some other dream destination, here’s why you should sell everything and move.

Letting Go

Nat Coakley offers a way to finally let go of those old, nagging resentments.

The Bet

Like many great poems, Mike Crossley’s piece about a father’s playful challenge to his son can be understood in many ways.

Who Do You Think Of When Your Flight Hits Heavy Turbulence?

Last week, Jordan Gray thought he was going to die in a plane crash. This is what went through his mind.

My Rape Doesn’t Define Me

Alyssa Royse’s experience with rape helped her find strength and individuality, and a message of hope.

The Skill of Self-Forgiveness

Shaky Shergill talks about how he discovered one of the most important practices for emotional well-being.