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The Torture Of Loving A Person Who Doesn’t Love You Back


We’ve all fallen for someone who didn’t love us. But, can we change someone’s mind and convince them to fall for us? This writer says ‘yes’.

How To Lose A Girl In 10 Seconds: The Dos And Don’ts Of Approaching A Woman


For men, approaching women they don’t know can be hard. Here are the ways NOT to do it.

“Both enjoyed first date or never again = Split the check.”

Meet 4 coffee

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A Female Translation of “I Don’t Want Sex”

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Women have different reasons for not being in the mood. Dr. Gunsaullus gives five possible translations of “not tonight, honey”

“That’s Not How We’re Gonna Do It”

big bang theory 2

An unexpected lesson on mature relationship-building from The Big Bang Theory.

I’m a Male Sex Writer — Why Would Anyone Date Me?

My interests include cooking, learning new languages, and writing essays about people I've slept with. How about you?

Michael Thomsen says that letting a writer into your life is like letting a jackal into the living room, then asking whether it plans on ripping open one particular sofa cushion.

Why Pickup Artistry Is So Toxically Tempting to Men


When guys can’t believe in their natural power, they’ll believe in magic tricks.

Anna’s Mail

Annas Mail photo by putol5

John Brier writes about his first breakup—dealing with feelings of rejection, innocence and inner worth—and an exercise in vulnerability.

Finding Love in a Cross-Cultural Digital World: An Interview with Antonio Sabato, Jr.

Dating photo by derekskey

Do you think that technology has ruined dating? What’s been your worst dating experience? What’s the most romantic thing that someone can do on a first date? Antonio Sabato, Jr. tells all.

5 Tips For Raising An Exceptional Man

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Openness to life, love, and failure are just a few of the things Marie Roker-Jones recommends teaching boys.

“It’s become obvious how little men and women are actually listening to each other.”


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How I Quit Writing

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Fed up with rejection, Tim Stobierski quits writing, and discovers that there are some things you can’t stop doing without changing who you are.


Angel 2001

Lowering his beauty standards proves too high a challenge for Andy Bodle.

Her Feet of Clay

beauty worship, objectification, psychology of beauty, dating, sex

“We all judge people on their looks. Some of us are just more honest about it.” When Andy Bodle puts a woman on a pedestal for her beauty, the results are predictable.

Good Grief

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A generation later, Kile Ozier believes the gay community has still not healed from the ravaging shame and grief that accompanied the AIDS crisis.