Better Communication Can Save Your Relationship


Stop assuming you have all the answers and pay attention to non verbal cues. These are just a few of the ways to have better communication in relationships. Harris O’Malley shows us more.

The Love You Deserve

Boris SV/Flickr

Sometimes it’s easy to settle and forget the kind of love that you deserve. This is a letter for me, for you and for anyone whom might need a reminder of what that kind of love looks like: what you are worth.

3 Ways to Develop More Meaningful Friendships

walled in- by

New study finds we’re suffering a national friendship crisis.

Dumping Toxic People vs. Loser Management


John Espinosa Nelson believes that dumping all the so-called “toxic” people in your life is an excuse.

1 Reason Why I Don’t Cheat

Trust, Marriage, cheating, why I don't cheat, faithful, honesty, trusting relationship, healthy relationship

The editor of the Good Men Project’s Marriage section explains why he doesn’t cheat.

Family Wakes Us Up (Book Excerpt)

matthew with jacob

Matthew Remski and Michael Stone write about the spirituality of fatherhood and family life.

One Part Me, and One Part You

happily married

Some things are not easily learned outside of an actual marriage, like compatibility.

The Mulberry, Act 1, Scenes 4 and 5

Photo by USDAgov/Flickr

James Olm brings us scenes Four and Five of Act One of “Mulberry.”