The Michelangelo Marriage Manual

How modern science and ancient wisdom combine to offer new hope for couples

The Three Pathways of Passion

Lust, love, and life.

Infidelity: The Hidden Truth About Lust, Love, and Betrayal

Men are creatures who love so infidelity can be the most devastating betrayal.

Do You Want to Be Happy for the Rest of Your Life?

Jed Diamond helps you learn some of the secrets of love that he has discovered over the years.

Seven Things You Must do Before Ending a Long Term Relationship

Before you cut it off, read this conversation between Ged and his friends.

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4 Ways to Lose a Woman’s Trust

Showtime explores 4 deadly mistakes people make in building trust.

The Authentic Man Experiment – A Night On the Couch

Continuing on his mission to find real love, Damien Bohler seeks advice from an expert after a date goes wrong.

In Search of The Magic Pussy

Dr. Adam Sheck has worked with many men who are in search of that one magical person who will make their lives better—without any real work.

My Girlfriend Denies Facebook-Stalking Her Ex

A man asks Eli and Josie for help when he suspects his girlfriend is Facebook-stalking her ex.

He Doesn’t Believe That I Love Him

A woman asks Eli and Josie for help in convincing her boyfriend that she truly does love him.

Twenty Years Down the (Shower) Drain?

A man is frustrated with being left out of his wife’s vocal self-pleasuring, and asks Eli and Josie if she might be cheating on him.

Can You Ever Really Make a Woman Feel Special?

A man asks Eli and Josie for help with his fiancé, who says he never makes her feel special.

I Don’t Want to Be Her S&Master

A guy wonders how to handle his girlfriend who wants to have a master/slave relationship. Josie and Eli call in Noah Brand for a third opinion from inside the world of kink.