10 Things Strong Women Love About Men

what strong women like in men

Even some of the strongest, most independent women are looking for love. James M. Sama explains how to be a good teammate.

Stop Giving Your Heart to the Wrong People

high standards dating

Listen up, not every person deserves the love you have to give. James M. Sama explains why.

8 Clear Warning Signs That You’re In a Toxic Relationship

troubled relationship

James M. Sama makes clear that you don’t need physical violence for a relationship to be unhealthy, and guys can be hurt, too.

8 Immature Dating Habits Grown-Ass Men Need to Leave Behind

man in love

James Michael Sama calls out guys who still think there’s a “game” to love and dating.

5 Negative Habits That Can Destroy Your Relationship


Which ones are you doing?

It Goes Both Ways: Why Everyone Can Be Romantic

guys and romance

James M. Sama believes all men can, and should, do better for the women in their lives.

Love in the Time of Social Media: How to Not Ruin Your Relationship with Facebook

social media relationship

Relationship expert Krista Hapaala on how to have a healthy relationship AND an active online social life.

Yes, Chivalry and Equality CAN Co-Exist

chivalry and feminism

James M. Sama debunks the myth that women’s equality means chivalry has to die… it’s quite the opposite, in fact.

50 Things We All Deserve to Have in a Relationship

Things Deserve Relationship

You don’t have to seek perfection. There will be compromises. Love shouldn’t be one of them.

Most Love (and Sex) Advice is Crap


Natalie Vartanian on the MOST important piece of advice that too many self help books and articles ignore.

Five Signs You’re With the One

5 Ways The One

Do you pass the “we” test? What about the “sweatpants test”? Samantha Burns helps you find out if you’re with the one, or just the one for now.

5 Tips For Being a Smooth Guy

James Mirror BIC

James M. Sama says being a gentleman is about a lot more than being smooth… but a great shave from the BIC Flex 5 razor sure does help.

11 Ways to Increase Intimacy When Sex Decreases

11 ways increase intimacy

Your relationship can survive less sex from time to time. Samantha Burns shows you how to maintain the intimacy.

8 Warning Signs She’s Not the Right Woman For You

is she wrong for me

Feeling unappreciated? Always being blamed for the relationship’s problems? She just may not be the one for you, man.

16 Steps to a Long, Happy, and Passionate Relationship

16 steps lasting relationship

One of the most precious joys of life is to share it with the one you love.

Why Smart Professionals Are Stupid Daters


Why do smart, confident and successful professionals become stupid when it comes to romance?