How to Save Your Relationship Before It’s Over…Forever


“If you can create a teamwork attitude towards meeting your common needs, there is the potential to strengthen your connection and save your relationship,” explains psychologist Sandy Peace.

What I Wish I Knew Before My First Relationship


The best part of never having had a girlfriend is that you get to start from the beginning, with a few bits of wisdom from Dr. NerdLove to help you along.

Your Dirty Little Secret: When You Think You Married The Wrong Person

dirty little secret

When you’re keeping your pain to yourself, it’s hard to see the potential for change. Steve Horsman shines the light where you might see darkness.

The Myth of What Women Want


Dr. NerdLove debunks every myth you’ve ever read about what women want, and proposes a simple and effective alternative.

“Do nice guys really finish last or is it simply a myth?”

Nice Guy

Why Don’t Women Like Nice Guys?

Have You Determined Your Relationship Non-Negotiables?

non-negotiables, dating, caution, relationships

In the epic words of Meatloaf, “I would do anything for love, but I just won’t do that.”

7 Reasons You Think Relationships Suck


James Michael Sama wants you to know that not everyone is going to hurt you.

The Search Is Over: 4 Signs Your Guy Is The Prince Charming You’ve Been Looking For


How can men find out what women want? By reading what they write. A young female writer drops some knowledge about what makes a man Mr. Right.

What Orange is the New Black Teaches Us About Relationships

A few of the women of OITNB - out of jail.

It doesn’t matter who we are or what relationship we are (or aren’t) in. There’s something we can learn from the women of OITNB.

11 Signs You’re a Boy Putting Women and Girls Into Boxes


Stephen Michell read a list that categorized all females into neatly organized boxes of girls vs. women… so he came up with a list of his own.

5 Time Bombs Set To Go Off in Your Relationship Unless You Act Now


Relationships rarely come to an end out of nowhere. Dr. Jed Diamond shares 5 ways that often burn the fuse.

There Are Two Ways To Get What You Want…


Nate Bagley looks at how to get what we need and want out of relationships.

10 Steps to Clean Fighting With The Person You Love


Nate Bagley offers ten quick tips for how you can solve conflict with your partner without doing permanent emotional damage.

It’s About More Than Just Being A Good Man: 10 Ways To Know You’re Ready For A Relationship


We talk a lot about what makes a man a good boyfriend. But James Michael Sama wants us to dig a little deeper.

How To Be Supportive If Your Guy Is Experiencing Sexual Issues


Sex Therapist Vanessa Martin gives useful and loving advice for dealing with premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction and other issues.

The Secret Life of Women: How Men Can Finally Understand Female Emotions

man and woman fight

Lion Goodman discovers the key to understanding how women communicate and how men can speak their language.