Preventing Our Deadliest Relationship Mistake

Preventing Our Deadliest by brianac37

If you want to maintain a healthy relationship, learn to stop managing your partner’s emotions.

The 3 Silent Destroyers of Marriage

The 3 Silent Killers by Cushing Memorial Library and Archives

Marriage Foundation founder Paul Friedman puts marriage under the microscope to stop three deadly killers from causing divorce.

The Time Has Come for All Good Men …

The Time Has Come by cogdogblog

Thomas Fiffer demystifies, debunks, and finally dispenses with the dreaded ‘double standard’ and offers a new 5-point ‘man’-ifesto.

On Male Privilege and Fear


Men recognizing their gendered privileges is the first step in leveling the playing field between the sexes, J. Ron Crawford writes.

I Want to Save Myself for Marriage


When is the best time to tell guys I’m dating I want to save sex for marriage? Is there a good time at all?

Picnics or Porn: The Great Debate of Men and Romantic Love


Recent scientific research supports Jennifer Moss’ claim that the desire for love trumps the desire for sex.

All the Single Men


Mike Dunn calls for the equality of gender and expectation as adaptation to today’s progressive dating landscape.

Arm Candy in Principle


Legality is the only difference between sugar daddy parties and prostitution, Thomas Creedy writes.