Quick Fixes Aren’t The Answer: Alcohol And Violence Have A Complex Relationship


The effects of alcohol vary considerably between different people. The Conversation checks it out.

5 Wicked Reasons To Vacation With Your Partner

Holiday bliss

Chill out by tuning in. Dr. Steve explores how to strengthen your relationship on holidays.

The Sexual Wavelength: Finding Balance in Your Relationship

Screen shot 2015-08-11 at 2.44.18 PM

Sex. That three-letter word holds so much and can be so powerful. Tracee Dunblazier knows this and offers her help in finding balance in your relationship.

8 Signs Your Relationship Is Built to Last

happy couple tips

Would you be less miserable if you’d been more discerning to start with? James M. Sama on how to know which relationships might stand the test of time.

5 Honest Reasons to Make Your Bedroom the Most Sacred Place in Your House

5 Honest Reasons by Paul L

Mike Berry’s bedroom is the focal point of his marriage—but not for the reasons you might think.



This companion piece to her earlier-published poem, “Shepherd,” finds Heid E. Erdrich again using the lyric to explore–and question–marital devotion.

7 Ways To Maintain Your Masculinity When In A Relationship

How to avoid being whipped.

Owning your masculinity means being sensitive to your inner drives, including your femininity. Are you man enough to face this?

The 5 Stages of Love: Why Too Many Stop at Stage 3


Stage three is an opportunity to love and appreciate our partner, to shift from the expectation of “ideal mate.”

Is Marriage A Good Investment?

Money matters.

Dr. Steve does a cost benefit analysis of being married and discovers some surprising results.

Literally All Of My Closest Female Friends Are Ex Girlfriends

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ordan Gray says that the question of “Can men and women just be friends?” is an outdated one.

5 Ways Men Can Develop Their Emotional Presence In Bed

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Jordan Gray says that your emotional presence, passion, and desire for your partner will always be more important than masterful sexual technique.

Egalitarian Marriage, When Spouses Are Equal

Jeremy and Jessica close up (1)-1

Here are just three of the major practical applications in Jessica Martin-Weber’s egalitarian marriage.

4 Powerful Ways To Melt Their Heart


Jordan Gray doles out four tried and true methods for making your significant other feel significant again.

One Practice That Saves More Relationships Than Anything Else


Jordan Gray says that you can save yourself years of frustration, heartache, and confusion by adopting this one relationship practice.

The 3 Biggest Things That Bother Men In Bed

Young passionate couple

Jordan Gray asked 3,000 men what bothered them the most in bed and they consistently mentioned these three things. All three will surprise you. —– Sex is where we literally and metaphorically get naked together. It’s vulnerable. And, for some men, it can sometimes feel like walking on a minefield. Sex can be a stressful […]

Focus on These Five Proven Nutritional Habits to Lose Fat


Here’s why too many guys are struggling to lose weight and live an amazing life. — Do this. Do that. Actually, do this instead. With health and fitness, we’re always chasing the next “it thing.” The “it thing” that quickens our fat loss while reducing our efforts needed. To sum it up, we’re always looking […]