How Can Men Love Women When We’re Taught to Demean Femininity?

How can men love women

Raised in a masculine-obsessed world, taught to deny emotions and depreciate feminine ways of being, it’s no surprise many men struggle to love all of a woman.

How Smart Phones And Computers Are Killing Your Relationship

Look up and see what is in front of you.

Are you master or slave when it comes to modern technology? Steven Lake explores the slippery slope of disconnection when always connected.

Sonnet (Unrhymed)


David Bergman conveys the joy of a long-term relationship in this variation on the sonnet form.

All Relationship Is For Healing

Young couple in love outdoor

Jordan Gray says that we can get by on our own, but in order to have an exceptional life, we need to allow ourselves to lean on others for support. —– The purpose of any and every relationship in your life is healing. Whether it’s the healing you’re aware of… your ex that you want […]

The Power Of Pain: A Dark Secret To Everlasting Love

In a deep well looking

Steven Lake shows us the surprising power of pain to strengthen your relationship – if you survive it.

Why You Should Thank Your Wife For Giving You A Hard Time


Steven Lake examines how his wife improves his life even when when he doesn’t like it.

7 Reasons You Need To Fall In Love With A Gamer


Who knew that hours and hours of button-mashing could help your relationship?

To the Couple at the Bar…


James Rigdon remembers you, and he’d like to say what he couldn’t that night.

20 Common Sense Tips to Help Your Marriage Last 20 Years


Tor Constantino and his wife will soon celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary—he shares how they’ve made it last.

Warning: 10 Changes To Think About – From Single To A Committed Relationship

We affect one another

Steven Lake explores changes you need to think about if you want be in a committed relationship. It’s only as hard as you make it.

12 Signs the Guy You Love Respects You


He treats your relationship like a team effort.

Does Your Intimate Partner Stress You Out?


We often blame our partners for the stress we experience in relationships. Bryan Reeves says that stress is really about our own stuff.

10 Things You’ll Probably Never Hear Your Wife or Girlfriend Say …

couple facing togehter

For any guy in a long-term relationship, Tor Constantino shares a list of things you can safely NOT expect to hear.

10 Intimacy Breaking Behaviors That Will Make Your Life Hell

Wrong move bro

Why do men and women dive into relationship, then do everything to avoid intimacy?

5 Reasons Why Guys Don’t Call Back


Tor Constantino explains why men sometimes behave badly when it comes to following up after a date.

It’s Not You, It’s Them: How To Cope With Heartache…From Your Sports Team


Oscar Wilde once said, the heart was made to be broken. Wai Sallas wants you to know there is life after heartache, and it starts with you.