3 ‘Abilities’ You Can Develop to Make You Great at Love


Tor Constantino shares three personal qualities you can cultivate to become a rockstar at love and relationships.

The One Thing Both Men and Women Find Attractive

One Thing Both Men and Women Find Attractive

Enough with Mars and Venus. We all look for the same thing.

There’s More Than One Kind of Naked


Why taking your clothes off doesn’t always mean being vulnerable.

5 Ways to Give Yourself a Reality Check Instead of Chasing Someone


Instead of scheming and manipulating to get someone to like you, try these tips for dating with self-respect and confidence.

How Two Buckets, Some Sand, Water And A Friend Changed My Priorities


This unexpected lesson changed his perspective and life. —  I was given an assignment on my first day in my human resources position in 1989. This assignment was to form a committee with all the other HR managers in the company. My manager wanted to ensure consistency across the company. At the time, I did […]

Compatibility: The Real Key to Happily Ever After

compatibility in love

Serge Bielanko wondered what made his past relationships fail. Now he realizes that the answer may have been simple all along.

(Step)Fatherhood and the Blended Family


There isn’t a mountain he wouldn’t move, not a horrifying trombone solo he wouldn’t sit through, for these kids, that aren’t his own. And the thing that is hard about that is… he isn’t their dad.

How Our Sense of Smell Makes Us Fall in Love and Stay in Love


In addition to helping us find a partner, our sense of smell helps us maintain the connection we establish with that person, too.

5 Radical Ideas for Attracting an Amazing Relationship

man and woman on a date

Guys, if you want an amazing romance, but have a few roadblocks, here’s a way over, through, and around them.

How Many People Does It Take to Make a Good Marriage?


Grace de Rond says support from relatives and community is crucial if we want marriages and families to be successful.

A Meditation on Independence

A Meditation by Atilla Kefeli

Louise Thayer looks back on her life choices to understand what it means to be free.

Are We Living in a Dark Age for Parents?

father with infant son

Is parenting really getting harder? Or just more confusing? How can anyone hope to get it right?

13 Things I Want To Thank The First Partner Who Walked Out On Me For

couple walking

Thank you for everything — you walking out on me made me awesome.

Seven Rules of Breakup Ethics


#1: Everything you do to hurt your ex hurts your kids. So don’t do it.

An Affair Does Not Have to End a Marriage


The man she loved broke her heart by seeking comfort from another woman. Here’s how she healed.  — When I took my vows, I meant every word of them. The problem was somewhere along the line, my husband forgot his and chose to have an affair. I had several options: I could divorce him and become […]

Enthusiastic Consent (A Call for Submissions)

enthusiastic woman

We believe a culture of consent goes far beyond the power of yes, and far beyond the scope of sexuality. What do you think?