The Meaning of Life by a Six-Year-Old Genius

woman and boy

Wisdom from a pint-sized guru inspires a new phase in the evolution of love.

8 Things Women Do That Guys Can’t Get Enough Of


Ladies: Bet you don’t even realize when you’re doing half of them!

Redefining My Soulmate


Are we still looking for love in all the wrong places?

Why Falling Out Of Love is so Much Harder Than Falling In Love


Falling out of love can be prevented, but only if you fight the urge to kick back and relax when it comes to your relationship.

Te Amo: The Practically Impossible Timing of Love


How do you ever know if the timing is right? Maybe you never do.

To Have a Good Marriage, Have a Good Fight


Arguing, if done well, can lead to stronger bonds between partners.

7 Mistakes to Avoid Making in Relationships

7 mistakes

View image | We’re only human, but these relationships mistakes are totally avoidable. — Relationships can be our best teachers. They push us; they pull us. They allow you to find out who you are all the emotions under the sun. It’s a blank canvas to do some of your best work and be […]

If Your Partner Doesn’t Make You Feel These 11 Ways, It Isn’t True Love


Finding someone is easy. Finding THE one isn’t. Here’s how to tell if what you’re feeling is true love.

Breakups Aren’t One-Size Fits All: 5 Unique Ways to Help You Cope


Let’s be honest: breakups are the worst. And asking yourself the wrong questions just makes it worse. Here are five healthy ways to control the pain and withdrawal.

10 Sweet, Little Things You Do That Men Notice Even if They Don’t Say it

Kissing couple

Words can save relationships. But sometimes it’s the things we notice — but don’t say — that are just as important as the things we do say.

Why We Love the Little Boy Inside the Man

vulnerable man

You’ve been told, in actions and in words, what it takes to be a man. Now it’s time for the truth.

Never Really Gone: 17 Ways the Person Who Broke You Still Impacts You


No matter how well you’ve healed after a break-up, you’re still being influenced by that person. But that can actually be a good thing. Here’s why.

3 Midlife Fears That Keep Men Stuck Doing What They No Longer Enjoy


Boost your chances by overcoming them.

8 Things to Remember if You’re Looking for a Loyal Woman

loyal woman

Chris Brown may lament “those hoes ain’t loyal,” but the truth goes a whole lot deeper.

Why I Love When A Woman Approaches Me First, From A Guy’s Perspective


Men usually think it’s their responsibility to make the first move in dating situations. But here’s why I love it when women approach me first.

Your “Perfect Partner” Isn’t Supposed To Be Perfect

perfect partner

What if the imperfections of your partner made them perfectly qualified to be exactly what you need and want?