Stand On The Shoulders Of Others

Don’t be a leader who refuses to ask for help.

The Only Way I Can Be Vulnerable With You

With the twittering of media, we reduce the depths of our fellow humans to 160 characters, birthed from the 26 letter restriction to expression.

40 Days – 40 Rides

Robert Shelton found a way to change his life (and perhaps the environment) for the better.

Recovering Your Masculinity After Divorce

Divorce often triggers questions about your manhood. Why couldn’t you fix it or just endure? Isn’t that what a “real man” would have done?

A Few Rules of the Road to Follow if You Truly Want Freedom

There is set of rules we agree to in exchange for the freedom to dive, and they aren’t so different if you want freedom in life.

18 Loving Limits for Successful Relationships

We can’t influence who joins the human tribe but we can influence which humans join ours.

5 Ways Cycling Benefits Any Couple

All over the world, cycling has seen an overwhelming resurgence. Dan Koh shares why, and how you can participate as a couple.

Comment of the Day: ‘When we feel under-appreciated, we start attention seeking’

Not being comfortable with our emotions can come from our parents.

Follow These 10 Ways to Nurture Your Intimate Relationship and Watch Your Love Grow

How do we learn how to maintain relationships? James Menage takes a look at 1o ways, here.

5 Easy Ways to Ask A Woman Out–to Get a Yes

This is not a matter of life or death–it’s just a date. If she says no, there will be other women to ask.

A Brother’s Gift

Autism is a life-long diagnosis. For Zak Hines, his brother Tyler’s diagnosis is also full of lessons and blessings.

4 Ways To Prove You STILL Choose Your Partner EVERY Day

“I Do” is a choice you make over and over.

Here’s Why Men Should Still Pay For Dates

James Michael Sama thinks that this aspect of courtship should still exist, and here’s why.

5 Ways Divorced Dads Can Continue to Bond With Their Children After Divorce

I hope you’ll take heart that, whatever your upbringing, you can engage in your kids’ lives and move forward with purpose and a renewed sense of direction.

How to Leverage Technology to Build Your Business Relationships

On this episode of The Go-Giver podcast, tech wizard Terry Brock helps us understand how to use technology to strengthen our relationships.

Why You Should Never Give Unsolicited Advice

Your well-intentioned words could tear a friendship apart.