For Singles, How to Have a Relationship with Wanting

lonely man

Wanting love is OK. Having love is not impossible. A plea to pursue what you want in life and love.

What is True Love, Really?

true love

What kind of love keeps two souls connected throughout an entire lifetime? Phil Tytanic shares his definition.

18 Ways You Destroy Your Chances At Having The Love You Truly Deserve

couple in love

Love is scary, but you don’t have to let fear ruin your relationships.

Yes, Homosexuality Absolutely is A Choice

rainbow crayons

We all face the same choice, to be authentic and true to your heart and mind, or pretend to be someone you are not.

The Real Reason Marriages Fail


How to keep yours alive and well.

Lessons from a Broken Heart

Heartbroken robot

The silver lining for men of having our hearts broken.

Five Essential Tips To Making A Long Distance Relationship Work


Long-distance relationships don’t have to suck. Here are 5 ways to keep the romance from a distance

The I.T. Approach to the ‘Nice Guy’ Debate


Can IT principles, like user input and beta testing, help us in the “Nice Guy” debate?

Love Harder: What It Means to Be the Vulnerable One in a Relationship


Cherish this moment, because it is one of the best moments human beings experience in their lives – the moment of choosing to be vulnerable.

10 Actual Ways to Make Your Love Last in This Cynical Generation


Always make your partner smile.

This One Trait Might Be Killing Your Relationship


Why being clingy and inseparable from her will suck for both of you.

So Many Questions. Just One Answer.

dating questions answered

Do you call? Do you text? How soon is too soon? The dating question doesn’t matter. Heather Gray’s answer is the same.

The Ted Mosby Effect: What It’s Like to be a Hopeless Romantic


Samantha Bun has advice for all the dream weavers, truth seekers and love makers of the world.

People Who Say Millenials Can’t Handle Marriage are Full of It


There’s an article floating around the internet called ‘5 Reasons We Can’t Handle Marriage Anymore’. James Michael Sama debunks it completely.

Cancel the Break-Up! 3 Surprising Signs You’re Still In Love


How you handle a rough patch is KEY to saving your marriage.

The Toughest Part About Breaking Up is Losing Your Best Friend

best friends

Lovers are much easier to come by, of course… Best friends, on the other hand… they’re called “best” friends for a reason. They’re incredibly difficult to, if not impossible, to replace.