Ho-Ho-Hmm … Give Yourself the Gift of an Easy, Sane Holiday Season

christmas at the mall

Stressing out over last-minute shopping? Losing your cool inside to outside conditions? Joe Rutland puts forth an idea that might help bring balance to it all.

Attention ADD Generation: Science Says You Can’t Forget About Foreplay


Science says you can’t rush a good thing.

3 Excuses Every Girl Will Use When She’s Just Not That Into You


“I’m not really looking for a boyfriend right now”.

A Personal History Lesson — On Turning 65

old man musing

Thoughts on women’s rights and war, on stay-at-home dads and empty nest syndrome. From someone who’s been there, done that.

X Reasons To Date A Single Dad With A Daughter


Jon Vaughn wants you to know that he’s single, and here’s why you should date him (if you’re single, too).

The Difficulties of Dating When You Have PTSD

drinking alone

Being deployed is hard enough, but coming home and trying to find the courage to date again might be the next hardest thing.

Why My Wife and I Exchange Presents and You Should Too

Why My Wife and I Exchange Presents and You Should Too

Larry Bernstein loves exchanging presents with his wife over the holidays. But it has nothing to do with material goods. Believe or not, it really is the thought that counts… — “You didn’t get me any presents yet?” “Well I…” “Black Friday passed.” “I know, but…” “Channukah’s like 10 days away.” “I know.” “I got […]

Should We Breakup Now, or After the Holiday?

holiday breakup

Our intimacy expert, Allana Pratt, tackles a delicate and timely topic: your heart isn’t in it any longer, do you breakup before or after the holiday?

Saving Good Men from Bad Gifting: A Love Scientist’s Guide


Duana C. Welch says that science can teach you a thing or two about what to give your significant other this holiday season. —– Good Men want to give the perfect gift. Yet so often, it’s tough to guess your sweetheart’s desires. It doesn’t have to be so challenging, though. Here are four simple, science-backed […]

You Can’t Ignore the List of Traits You Hate for the One You Love


One of the most important things I had to learn for myself is that it’s ok to admit that a person is wrong for you.

Why Men Need to Tell Men “I Love You”


After a late night phone call with a best friend, Tim Mousseau realized it shouldn’t take tragedy for men to tell each other “I love you”

What No One Teaches Us About Love


Most of us, if we are really honest with ourselves, have some idea of how we keep deeper love at bay.

I Decided To Love Myself Like My Life Depended On It


Jordan Gray was a jerk to himself for the majority of his life, until he decided to change.

Inside the Conversation: Wait, Wait … Don’t Tell Me (If He Cheats)

Wait Wait by Ally Aubry

A look inside the place where the conversation no one else is having happens.

Dear John: Going From One Bad Relationship to Another


Dear John handles old love, friends with too much time on their hands, and crushes.

Songs From 2014 That Changed My Life


James Shotwell’s look back on 2014 and the songs that had a profound impact on his life.