The 6 Ugly Truths of Online Dating


There are pitfalls and potholes on the way to finding love. Here’s how to navigate the bumpy terrain of online dating.

The Little Things: 9 Everyday Gestures You Should Thank Him For

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From remembering exactly how you like your coffee to letting you vent, here are nine things men do that women can be grateful for.

4 Things to Consider When Introducing Your Kids to Your Date

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Bust These 5 Love Myths If You Want a Happy Relationship

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Why Your Ex Shouldn’t Be Your Next

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Matt Shumate explains why you’ll be happier if you walk away—and stay away—after a nasty breakup.

4 Powerful Ways To Melt Their Heart


Jordan Gray doles out four tried and true methods for making your significant other feel significant again.

Sex and Relationships—Do You Have a Plan?

Do You Have a Plan by Michael Coghlan

If you want a successful, long-term relationship, Daniel Dowling says you need a plan.

6 Powerful Ways to Be More Intimate With Your Partner

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Want the type of connection that keeps the two of you together forever?

7 Deadly Pitfalls In Marriage And Committed Relationships

Life's expectations!

Caveat emptor! What your mother never told you about being in a relationship but, Dr. Steve will.

One Practice That Saves More Relationships Than Anything Else


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She’s One Of A Kind: Why You Should Always Date the Quirky Girl


If you’re looking for a girl in your life, I highly recommend one who’s quirkier than what you’re used to.

16 Guys Get Real On How They Want To Be Approached By a Girl at a Bar


Want to know how to talk to a man at a bar without coming across as a creep?

I Will Not Be Undone by Divorce

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Alone at 57, a man makes new rules for living a positive, fulfilling life.

The Internet Is Real: How Relationships Online Are Just Like in Real Life

online dating by anieto2k

Aaron Tang writes the rules for virtual relationships.

How to Break Your Own Heart

How to Break by LC Nottaasen

We all know heartbreak. Liz Furl writes about the kind we unleash on ourselves.

Never Settle: If Someone Doesn’t Blow You Away, It Isn’t Worth It


Life is too short to settle for something less than spectacular.