Does Religion Make a Life of Reason Impossible?


Pastor Jim Rigby explores whether religion should be more about living and less about believing.

Stivers Cartoons: God’s First Billion Years


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Why the Pope Should Come To Philly and Ignore Its Hierarchy


Philadelphia’s Mayor Michael Nutter and Pennsylvania’s Governor Corbett are the wrong faces for a plea of patronage from his holiness.

The Positive Legacy of Fred Phelps


Without meaning to, the late hatemonger did one good thing for tolerance in America.

The Valuable Lesson of Mortality

Memento Mori

The questions we dread are the same ones everyone else dreads. They’re better asked and contemplated in community.

Is God Really An Old White Dude Sitting On A Cloud In Heaven?


Edie Weinstein questions the deeply instilled version of God in favor of the God of her understanding.

Please Don’t Call Me Spiritual!

spiritual carnival

Has Spirituality itself become a new religion? Why writer Jacob Nordby claims to break out in soul hives when someone calls him a spiritual guy these days, and wonders if we can move beyond these labels.

Dude, You Want to Run That Creed By Me Again?

creed, oath, pledge, swear, fraternity, boy scouts, Pledge of Allegiance, military creed, Boy Scout Oath, prayer

Saying your creed is one thing. Meaning it is another.

Why I’m Teaching My Children to Pray


Jason Helveston believes spiritual literacy is a part of what we need to teach our children.

“Find concrete reasons to feel worthwhile again.”

Hang in there

This comment by Dave D’aranjo on the post Why Men Commit Suicide: The Three Warning Signs Most People Miss

Indie Spiritualist: A No BS Exploration of Spirituality (A Review)


Spirituality for those who know there is something bigger than ourselves, but are tried of institutions, labels, price tags, and fluffiness.

An Open Letter to Gov. Jan Brewer on a Proposed Anti-Gay Law

Jan Brewer_AP_internal_660

Professor Warren Blumenfeld urges Governor Jan Brewer to make the right decision in regards to #SB1062.

Forgiveness and Sex: A Conversation With a Happily Married Couple


Nate Bagley’s on a quest to find out what makes love work. Today he sits down with Ty and Terri to learn about the role of sex and forgiveness in a happy marriage.

Christian Counselors’ Code of Ethics is Just Contradictory Same Ol’ Same Ol’


Professor Warren Blumenfeld on the American Association of Christian Counselors’ continued exclusion of the LGBT community.

The Wish to Sing with Primitive Baptists


In this stirring poem from Christopher Martin, the “wish to sing” is both literal and metaphoric.

Psychology and the Chance of Bringing Peace to Syria


With 100,000 people killed and 10 million displaced, is there hope for peace in Syria? Yes. But only if we can overcome the self-defeating psychology of revenge.