15 Ways to Talk About Sex

talk about sex

Betcha didn’t know there were so many different ways to discuss sex. You might be surprised.

The Differences Between Men and Women, Part 2: Would You Adam and Eve It?


Andy Bogle rides the ebb and flow of attraction, reproduction, and the spread of behavior and genes in part two of his three-part series.

Underdogs and Challenges: The Vasectomy Files 11 (VIDEO)

Vas Files 11 image

For Jonathan Stack, filmmaking is all about capturing “the best in imperfect people operating under the most challenging of circumstances.”

NEWSER: Sex in Space Won’t Kill You After All

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It is safe to have sex in space after all.

Half the Men Who’ve Ever Lived Did Not Reproduce

ginger hair, redheads, male redheads, redheaded athletes, Boris Becker, 1985 Wimbledon

Andy Bodle thought being a redhead would keep him a virgin forever, until Boris Becker won the 1985 Wimbledon and gave gingers a second chance.

Wimpy Guy’s Guide To Getting A Vasectomy


Jay Palter wants you to know that getting snipped is really not a big deal.

“Life is short, and ‘Cause that’s just what you do!’ is about the worst reason to do anything.”


Phil, Pursuit Ace, and Sabrina explain why they did or did not choose to live a childfree life.

Masculinity and Infertility

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Being able to impregnate a partner is not only highly valued in our society but also expected, taking a man’s identity one step further to include a father role. So what happens to a man and his masculinity when he faces infertility issues?

There’s More to Sex Education Than Teaching Reproduction

sex ed

Many young children learn where babies come from, writes Justin Cascio, but teaching about their bodies and pleasure remains taboo.

Planned Parenthood: Health Care For All

I was 17 when I went to Planned Parenthood.  No, I wasn’t pregnant and looking for abortion services, I hadn’t yet had sex, but I had a steady boyfriend–my first teenage relationship–and I was thinking about sex (quite a lot, in fact!).  I wanted information on my options for birth control and to ask some […]

Unlikely Reasons to Have More Kids

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Andrew Ladd reviews two new books with very different messages about child rearing.

Female Pheromone Turns Wimpy Male Squids Into Butt-Kicking Studs

squid courtesy of NOAA photo librairie/ Wikimedia Commons

If you’re a male squid, things can be tough. Lucky for you, Mother Nature’s got you covered.