Vasectomy as Male Choice

How can we shame women for getting abortions when men aren’t participating in preventing unwanted pregnancies?

Is The Handmaid’s Tale a Cautionary Tale for Our Times?

Jesse Kornbluth reviews Margret Atwood’s famous book.

Need Contraception for Health and Family Planning? Ask Your Boss.

Now instead of consulting with your doctor, loved ones and insurance company, your boss will dictate what contraceptive methods, if any, are affordable for you

The Reproductive Rights of Trans Men

If a man can become pregnant, is he still a man?

Reproductive Rights Groups Nod to Men’s Stake in Choice

Pro-choice organizations and activists are seizing opportunities for solidarity and engagement with men.

Pain and Pleasure: The Vasectomy Files 14

All of the teachings, all of the knowledge and all the framework exists to help us rise up to our potential, but somehow we keep falling short.

Texas Men Explain Why So Many Are Joining The Fight

ThinkProgress spoke with over a half-dozen men at Monday’s rally in Austin, Texas, about what it meant for them to be there in support of women’s reproductive rights.

OPEN THREAD: Discussion of NYTimes Opinion Piece “Is Forced Fatherhood Fair?”

We would like to talk about men’s reproductive rights.

Is This the End of the Patriarchy?

Julia Stonehouse examines the recent history of the patriarchial society and finds the male biological preference for a son to be based on a fallacy, from Darwin to Christianity.

Mississippi Is Enough

Robert Reece quit looking for his roots in distant lands that have not affected him so deeply as the history, culture, and people of Mississippi.

Parables of Reproductive Justice: An Interview with Rev. Matthew Westfox

What do the Bible and Jesus Christ have to say about a woman’s right to choose?

A Reverence for Reproductive Justice

Rev. Matthew Westfox appears on MSNBC to talk about Christianity and reproductive rights.

Irish Cabinet Rules to Update Abortion Laws

Sadly it took the death of a healthy woman to ignite the outrage over Ireland’s lack of abortion legislation, but a decision has finally been made.

The Vagina Dialogues

What does it take to be an ally to women?

Behold the Pregnant Man

A man of mythical proportions, Thomas Beatie has undergone extreme bodily transformation.

Open Thread On Reproductive Rights

This AlterNet article got me thinking about reproductive rights. Often, when we talk about reproductive rights, we talk only about how reproductive rights affect cis women. The ability of cis women to decide whether or not to have a child and to control their own uteruses. The availability of birth control as healthcare to treat […]