Carson, Cruz, and Rubio: Tough Times in the WASP Nest?

The GOP claims to be above identity politics; but is that just a front for maintaining “racial integrity?” A look beyond just Trump’s offenses.

Comment of the Day: ‘Make no Mistake. This is Serious’

It’s irresponsible at this point to dismiss Trump. Things could get all out-of-whack before this is over.

A Top-Down Perspective on Trump

Allan Ishac explains why The Donald’s hair is the true measure of his manhood.

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Its all coming unwound, in a mad procession of shocking political ineptitude.

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Can The Republicans Do Anything To Stop Trump?

If the Republican Party wants to stop Donald Trump, they have about three weeks to do it.

When Religion and American Politics Became One

The Republican presidential platform was built on a specific brand of Christianity. Where did it come from and how did it happen?

Do K12 Students Matter in this Election?

If you’re paying attention to the debates for 2016 POTUS, the topic of K12 Education is apparently irrelevant.

Veteran Ping Pong—It’s Got to Stop

Support veterans — absolutely. Make it sustainable not by one time contributions but through legislation that ensures that their needs will always be a part of our national policy.

What To Look For In Iowa

Iowa matters in ways far beyond who wins on caucus night.

5 Reasons the Republican Party is Imploding

Republican commentators express constant befuddlement over the rise of Donald Trump; maybe they shouldn’t be so surprised.

Will Palin Put Trump Over The Top?

Sarah Palin’s recent endorsement of Donald Trump will help him continue to dominate the news cycle, but it’s not clear it will move him any closer to winning the Republican nomination.

The Wolf You Feed – Battling Islamophobia in America

Mirza Ahmad on the hardships of being a Muslim American, and how we can combat Islamaphobia.

Trump’s Damage Could Already Be Done

Even if Donald Trump drops out tomorrow he’ll probably still have a lasting negative impact on our politics.

Will Donald Trump Ever Go Away?

Sure Donald Trump is still up in the polls, but he probably won’t stay there forever.

Is Donald Trump A Fascist?

There are many negative terms to describe Donald Trump, American’s favorite political insult isn’t really necessary.