My Grandfather, The Illegal Immigrant

Why do I have to tell the Republican Party the opportunity immigration reform presents?

The America Of Republicans And Religious Radicals: Fear, Hate And No Hope

America’s choice in next November’s federal election is very simple despite the complexities of the problems the country and next president face.

Does “Fighting Fire with Fire” Work with Toxic Masculinity?

Toxic masculinity can lead to acts of violence, but can more toxic masculinity stop it? Jonathan Delavan implores readers to reconsider this logic.

How Attacking Planned Parenthood Shames Women Into Silence

Silencing women’s experiences and pretending that their wants and needs are dirty is not going to lead to a good time for anyone.

Mike Huckabee, From Bad Historian To Racist

Christopher MacNeil challenges Mike Huckabee’s recent political statements and asks the former governor to be held accountable.

Political Centrism: Welcome to the Truly Radical

If we do not improve—immensely, immediately—public education, American students, and particularly minority students, can expect a much lower quality of life…for their entire lives. So that matters.

Donald Trump Symbolizes a Long, Deep, Dark, Sordid History of Right Wing Masculinity

The rabid, unrestrained behavior of Trump is nothing new for the GOP, but will it succeed in taking him all the way, or will Republicans grow tired of his incessant rhetoric?

Calls in Immigration Battles to Return to Days of Slavery

Vicious, hateful rhetoric out of the mouths of Republicans roars a backwards mindset, the dehumanization of immigrants as segments they wish to continue to isolate.

There’s a Movie Donald Trump Doesn’t Want You to See. It’s About Him.

Get the popcorn. Pour a cold drink. And watch a movie so hot that Donald Trump did everything he could to keep you from seeing it.

Oh No! Politics on Your News Feed Again?

Candidates have started seeking media attention, which means it’s time for you to start hating social media again.

His Entire Term as Governor Was Tainted With Protests

Years of civil disobedience from Philadelphians preceded Tom Corbett’s loss in PA Governor’s Race.