The Most Important Reminder On My Phone


We all have the same 24 hours everyday. Prioritizing helps make each hour count.

Pulling A Stranger From A Burning Car

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 11.50.10 AM

With seconds to spare, two strangers pull a woman from a burning car, and we are all reminded that we can be heroes.

How Heroes Are Made: Washington Heights Fire Dramatic Rescue [Video]

Washington Heights Fire

Four stories up, a man’s life hangs in balance as he perches precariously on a window ledge while smoke billows outward. Two neighbors try desperately to help him before firefighters arrive. The video tells all.

Boys Save Kidnap Victim In Dramatic Rescue


Two Texas youths provide an object lesson in how to help out in a crisis.

Stuntmen Use Skills to Save Woman at Comic-Con

comic con stuntmen rescue

At San Diego Comic-Con last weekend, three stuntmen jumped into action when they saw a woman dangling from a balcony 14 floors up.

Be a Hero to Your Kids

Hero Fathers Day

It may have been just a small, small miracle. But to Jeff Stephen’s daughter, it meant her dad was there for her.

Cleveland Officers Recount Finding Missing Women (Video)

anthony espada, officer espada, cleveland, cleveland police, abduction, rescue

Amanda Berry, a woman missing for 10 years, and two other women were rescued on May 6 by Cleveland officers; watch their emotional recounting of the rescue.

“This guy lost his son and by paying tribute to him he ended up in the right place to save another man’s son. THIS is manhood and fatherhood.”

The Man in the Cowboy Hat, Boston Marathon, bombs, Patriots Day, heroes, fathers, Iraq War, War on Terror

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VIDEO: How To Handle A Bear


Brighten your day in one minute flat.

Man Runs Through Flames to Save Sleeping Baby

Friend saves sleeping baby

This is what good looks like.

5 Essential Survival Skills for Men


In an emergency scenario, what do you need to stay alive until help arrives?

4 Tragic Things Christians Say After Tragedies


Sometimes comforting yourself with your faith doesn’t help anyone else.

“Uploads to ‘the cloud’ would have beat the car’s occupant to the heavens.”


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“Good men are invisible because they don’t stand up and demand to be counted.”

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Amy Winehouse and White Knight Syndrome

Photo by fyunkie

What is the ‘particular fascination that certain young men seem to have with self-destructive, doomed, talented young women?’

Australian Boy Sacrifices Life for Little Brother in Queensland Floods


While stranded on the roof of a car with his mother and brother in a raging flood, he told their lone rescuer to “save my brother first.”