Science: Researchers Teach Robots To Make Their Own Tools, Mayhem Surely Follows Soon

Scientists give this Promethean concept to mechanical citizens of the world. What could go wrong?

Science: New Technology Translates Thoughts Into Speech [#future]

The future is coming, ready or not. Your brain will soon be just another fancy hard drive …

Science: Solar Paint Makes Another Step Towards Harnessing The Sun

Quantum dots are all the rage, and maybe they could be applied in an even coat with a brush from Home Depot.

Science: Mind-Controlled Helicopters. Sure. Why Not?

Yeah, you read that right. Brace yourself, fool, the future is coming!

Science: Discovering The Language of Birds

Two Japanese scientists have figured out how to learn — and teach — grammar to birds. Seriously.

Technology: A Real Life Hoverboard

Somebody get Marty McFly on the freaking phone — the future is now!