The Many Faces of Resilience 

A remarkable human instinct that enables boys to move past trauma and abuse.

Taming Man’s Savage Ways

Can mankind put aside greed and envy in the New Year and focus on self-awareness and solving problems instead?

The Dad’s Guide to Developing Creative Kids

5 strategies to set them up for long-term success.

It’s Time Colleges Addressed Childhood Sexual Abuse Too

How can campuses expand their efforts and support for male survivors of childhood sexual abuse?

Bill Maher: Is ISIS a Real Threat to the US or a Fool’s Errand?

Are we repeating a failed foreign policy and wasting immense resources (blood and treasure) better spent on challenges of Climate Change, Unemployment, Income Inequality, Education,Economic Growth…?

“Today my niece is such a normal, healthy, rambunctious first grader, that it is hard to believe she ever got off to such a fragile start.”

This comment by KatyD on the post A Dad Documents His Premature Son’s First Year of Life

Is The World Running Out Of Water?

Running out of water: The looming crisis and solutions to conserve our most precious resource.

Fathers of Children With Disabilities, Unite.

Gary Dietz offers insights, resources and support to dads who are raising children with disabilities.

Abuse is Abuse: Domestic Violence Against Men

Recognizing domestic violence against men is not easy, but it is urgently necessary.

Outreach, Advocacy and Healing for All

How do we best create healing and resources for sexual violence victims on our college campuses?

Restrictive Residency Rules and the Illusion of Public Safety

There are risks of increasing restrictive residency rules for sex offenders while reducing their access to resources, and monitoring.

The Self-Affirmation Safety Net

Quit congratulating yourself for “doing your best” and figure out why you failed.

Can You Afford to Let Your Family Pay for Your Wedding?

Can you afford not to?

“We can’t support boys and men who are struggling when we believe that their struggles make them weak.”

These are comments by JJ and Joanna Schroeder on the post “Lead a Good Life, Everyone: Trey Malone’s Suicide Note”.

Why Do Men and Women Want Different Things?

Do we choose our partners based on adaptations humans formed a million years ago, or on the realities of modern life?

The Hidden Stress We’re Afraid to Address

Are you sick of everyone? As the population grows, so do the stressors on the earth and one another.