Honoring Your Word Like A Man

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Dillan DiGiovanni explains how honoring your word differs from doing everything you say you will.

“Shouldn’t a Gentleman be Primarily Concerned with Doing the Right Thing?”


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Sex Sells, But At What Cost? How The Media Killed Romance


A Gen Y writer laments the death of chivalry.

“Your happiness in your marriage is your responsibility.”

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The Drill Instructor and the Boy Without a Father


An old talk show episode about teaching teens respect has Eduardo García thinking about what it means to raise a boy into a man.

“Men: Your experience is not valid…women describe how gender effects you.”

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10 Pro-Tips For Keeping Your Marriage Happy, In Spite Of In-Laws

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Heather Gray doesn’t think your marriage has to resemble a sitcom scene. You all really can just get along.

“Dosen’t it bother you that disrespectful behavior…gives idiot racist fuel for their hatred?”


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“Respect, empathy and compassion for men, does not infer women do not deserve respect, empathy and compassion.”


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The Modern Day Father is an Engaged Father

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Having an engaged father is something Mandy Brasher didn’t grow up with so she is thrilled to see it becoming the rule instead of the exception.

Focus on the FEELINGS you want to create in her…your thoughts, words and actions will follow authentically.


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16 Things Your Boyfriend Should be Telling You

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Mark Radcliffe reminds us of the importance of communicating love

Raising Respectful Kids

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Heather Gray gives parents clear and actionable advice for bringing up children that show respect to others.

How Strong Is Your Marriage? A Checklist

Good Men Project, 9 Check-Ins, Jennifer Gunsaullus, Dr Gunsaullus, Marriage Advice, Communication, Relationships, Checking in with your Spouse

Dr. Gunsaullus gives readers 9 things to check in their marriage so their spouses won’t check-out

Why Aren’t We Rude to Grown-ups the Way We Are Rude to Kids?

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Ben Martin listens to the way we talk to kids. And he finds it incomprehensible that we can’t give them the respect we give to adults.

How Not to Cheat

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Marriage is simply hard work. But the good news is that attitude is everything.