Why I Hope Chelsea Clinton Has a Son

Mark Sherman believes that if Chelsea Clinton has another baby, its gender could make a big difference for boys and men in America.

30 Pushes and 2 Breaths

Dan Szczesny wonders how he would respond in a real emergency.

Lou Holtz: On Greatness

College Hall of Fame coach and motivational speaker defines success.

What Mourning for Philip Seymour Hoffman Means to Me

Why does it sometimes feel like mourning the death of a celebrity diminishes the deaths of others? Alex Steed explores his grief.

Universities Still Struggle to Handle Reports of Sexual Assault

Institutions of higher learning across the county must take an intentional and proactive approach in preventing and responding to reports of sexual assault made on campus.

I’m No Babysitter

Chad Miller responds to a post that calls dads “babysitters” and shares tips he’s learned along the way.

Giving a Rapist a Public Platform

Pointing our anger at the facilitators of a discussion on consent interferes with our ability to see a greater point.

Look, Kitten, You’re Being a Sexist part 3

All right. We’re nearly through. This is part three of three of my response to this here Lawsonry article concerning male feminists and “fauxminism.” Parts one and two are here and here (respectively). This run-down goes through the original article’s arguments chronologically, so you might want to read the first two parts before jumping in here. […]

On “Creep” and “Creep-Shaming”

In this recent Jezebel article, Hugo Schwyzer discusses the insult “creep” and MRA backlash against “creep-shaming.” All quotes below are from Schwyzer’s article. Schwyzer claims that men dislike “creep” more than most insults because “[‘creep’] isn’t rooted in misogyny,” and, instead, names “how [a man] makes women feel.” It “forces men to reflect carefully about […]

On Hostility Toward Trauma Survivors: Full Stop

This comment was from Justin Cascio on James Landrith’s post “I’ve Got the T-Shirt and the Trauma Response to Go With It.”

You Cannot Justify Cheating on Someone You Love

Gordon Pearson responds to Mark McCormack.

How To Run a Focus Group and Cry Like a Man

Will Conley stirs up conversation in the name of provoking thought.

Stop Barking and Start Working

Andrew D. S. James is glad we are having civil discourse on such issues as race. But he’d also like us to take some action.