Interactive Quote of the Day—Definition of a Gentleman

As a gentleman, do you think this quote is accurate? What are your initial thoughts?

3 Reasons Every Couple Should Have a Dog

Sharing the responsibilities of pets can strengthen your relationship.

China Unequivocal On Powerful Ambitious And Legally Binding Deal In Paris

Anthony Horton explores China’s position on climate change, and how that will effect the Paris conference.

Is Sherri Shepard Wrongly Being Forced Into Parenthood?

In a Utopian world, no person — male or female —would be forced into parenthood. However, as much as this may seem unfair, we must bear responsibilities for our actions.

Who Is Responsible for Keeping Kids Safe From Sexual Abuse?

Knowledge is power. Especially for our children.

When Do You Stop Cutting the Crust?

Tor Constantino tries to be ‘dadmirable’ with sandwiches, balancing disappointment and teachable moments for his kids.

Mindfulness Sucks

Craig Playstead tries hard to “be in the moment”. But for that, you need to have presence of mind. And sometimes that seems like…well…never.

Death by Confirmation

In this Catholic rite of passage, becoming a man permanently alters a boy’s relationship to his father.

The Dying Game

Can a merciless marketplace be entrusted with caring for people?

Adventuring Forth

As you set forth into the world, how do you know you’re on the right path? Venture for America fellow Ovik Banerjee on service and entrepreneurship.

It Takes A Village, Idiot

Why the way you raise your kids matters to your neighbors.

“Men in particular have been tasked with accepting, embodying, and living contradiction.”

This is a comment by Peter von Maidenberg on the post “Society wants dads to ‘step up’, but they are literally stomped down when they do.”

Why I Refuse to Turn 30

Young adults are uncertain about the value of commitment to adult responsibilities like marriage and career, as they seem more difficult to achieve, and less permanent, than they’ve been for previous generations.