What is Your Role in Helping a Loved One Recover from Depression?

best friend-fady habib-flickr

Danny Baker outlines what a person can do to help with the depression recovery of a friend or family member.

Five Differences Between a Grown Man and a Mature Man


On his journey to adulthood, Matthew Branch has sorted through what it takes to be not just grown, but also mature.

How Poop Taught Me To Be a Responsible Husband

marriage, responsibility, diapers

Ben Martin needed the rudest wake up call imaginable to learn to take responsibility for his actions in life and in his marriage.

WhatsApp in the Ukraine–When Masculine Paradigms Collide

Ukraine Protest

This week Ukraine is in the news demonstrating competing masculine paradigms. The clash of the titans is being played out across the globe.

The Incredibly Low Bar: Let’s Change the Stereotypes about Dads

the incredibly low bar photo by phalinn

Doyin Richards wants to know what is wrong with a society that sees dads who are merely being good parents as doing something “amazing.”

The Right Way To Approach Raising the Minimum Wage


Raising the minimum wage, far from being a comprehensive solution, is at best a temporary fix to a much more fundamental problem.

What 12 Men Taught Me About Gender

Stewart, 52; Tommy, 37; Colin, 18

JJ Vincent asked 12 men, ages 18-68, about gender, identity, self-expression, and what defines a man.

How Can You Teach Them to Be Men?


Transman is raising two boys—as a solo transgender man. Here is what he says to people who don’t think he can raise sons since he is not a ‘real’ man.

If You Hear Yourself Saying “I Don’t Need This S*%!”, Chances Are You Do.

People squash onto the London Underground during the morning rush hour.

Dillan DiGiovanni thinks that when stuff all starts to hit the fan that you can check out and give up. Or…you can do something else entirely.

Pretty Rad For A Dad by Murray Galbraith – Kickstarter Campaign


Campaign seeks to profile dads from all walks of life to create a snapshot of contemporary fatherhood.

A Letter to My Wife: Please See Your Behavior As I Do and Our Children Do

come back to me hand photo by Pink Sherbert Photography

Tweet “If our children had only the words we speak to each other, to describe our relationship, what would they say about us?”  —   My love, I know you love me and today especially I appreciate that we usually connect in lots of little ways that remind us of our love and our care […]

‘Put Your Hands Up, and Step Away From the … Child?’


“Essentially, if a student gave me a hug, I was supposed to act like I was getting arrested. If that’s not a disgusting assumption of male guilt, I’m not sure what is.”

Man Up? Woman Up? How About We All Just Stand Up?

Men Women Stand Up photo by beglen

Tamara Star’s advice to all adults, men and women, on how to live more responsible lives.

A Man and His Mini-Van

photo by hightechdad

Nathan Loewen turns 30, gets himself a mini-van and, much to his surprise, finds himself “the man”.

Shannon Sanders’ ‘Man Up’ a Plea for Responsible Parenting

shann sanders 2

Award-winning producer Shannon Sanders steps out on his own with “Man Up.”

23 Ways to Take Your Character to the Gym

Take your character to the gym photo by amslerpix

Could your character use a workout to make it as strong as your body? Vaughn Granier, with some suggestions.