Are You Willing to Save the Universe?

What can you do to save the universe?

13 Injured in Chicago Mass Shooting

The week both began and ended with mass shootings. One in DC and now one in Chicago.

Florida to Hold Hearings On ‘Stand Your Ground’ Law This Fall

Will Weatherford, the Republican speaker of Florida’s House of Representatives, revealed on Friday that the state’s legislature will hold hearings on its infamous “Stand Your Ground” laws sometime this fall.

GITMO: The Most Expensive Prison on the Planet

Experts estimate it has cost the government over $2 billion to fund Gitmo since it was opened 11 years ago.

American Urological Association Changes Stance on Routine Prostate Screening

New guidelines from the American Urological Association now say men under 55 do not need routine annual prostate screening.

New Arizona Law Forces Cities to Resell Guns From Buy-Back Programs

Guns purchased in buy-back programs must now be resold by Arizona municipalities instead of melted down and destroyed.

Protests Rage After Venezuela Refuses to Recount

Opposition leader Henrique Capriles said, “We are not going to ignore the will of the people. We believe we won.”

Photographer Chained in Afghan Hole Escapes

Pierre Borghi’s first request as a free man: a cup of coffee.

NEWSER: Arizona City Flaunts State, OKs Same-Sex Civil Unions

Tuesday night, the city of Bisbee, Arizona, became the first in that state to legalize civil unions for same-sex couples.

OVERVIEW: Supreme Court DOMA Oral Arguments Over

Supreme Court to Hear Oral Arguments on DOMA

What can be expected from the DOMA debate in the Supreme Court today?

Dear Liberals, There is No Satisfaction to Be Had in the Tragic Death of Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

Joanna Schroeder is stunned by the ways in which some liberals are responding to the murder of former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle at the hands of a Marine with PTSD.

North Korea Responds to UN Resolution With Threats of More Nuclear Tests

Washington’s special envoy on North Korea, Glyn Davies, warns that a nuclear test would be “a mistake and a missed opportunity” for North Korea.

UN Report: Afghanistan is Torturing Prisoners

After reports of inhumane treatment, including torture, Coalition countries have halted the transfer of detainees to some Afghan prisons.

Wild Video: Bulgarian Party Leader Escapes Assassination Attempt

Over in Bulgaria, an opposition leader had his own close-up brush with a gun on Saturday.

What Is Good Journalism?

Using the U.S. Benghazi embassy attack as an example, Eric Sentell reveals the “echo chamber” effect in partisan journalism.