The Complex Relationship of Fathers and Sons

Allison Moorer reviews Inherited Disorders {Stories & Syndromes} by Adam Ehrlich Sachs

(Regan Arts, 263 pp. Publication Date May 03, 2016)

James Salter: A Sport and a Pastime

Jesse Kornbluth reviews a book with strong character development and excellent prose, set in horizons of Paris, France.

Sense8: A Sign Of The Changing Times

Not for Everyone, the show definitely seizes upon the changing attitudes of society.

Thich Nhat Hanh: Teachings on Love

Jesse Kornbluth reviews the graceful writing and ideology of Thich Nhat Hanh.

The Conformist

With the Oscars soon approaching, Jesse Kornbluth reviews a 1970’s Italian film about a man who finds he can boost his own life status at the cost of another man’s life.

Kafka’s Other Trial: The Letters to Felice

Jesse Kornbluth reviews Elias Canetti’s book on the life of a deeply divided man.

Outlander — The Hiatus Survival Guide

John Patrick Weiss gives a recovery plan to women addicted to men in kilts. That is, Diana Gabaldon’s “Outlander” books.

The Laughable Tech Politics Of “Men, Women, & Children”

Is porn ruining your life? ‘Men, Women & Children’ seems to have an opinion.

Oldman’s Brave New World of Wine: Pleasure, Value, and Adventure Beyond Wine’s Usual Suspects

Looking to amp up your wine knowledge? Jesse Kornbluth has just the book for you.

He’s Smoking at 80: Leonard Cohen and “Popular Problems”

When you are 80 years old, you are allowed to go slow. Leonard Cohen uses his slowness as a way to sizzle.

My Take on i0S8

Frank Verderosa has IOS8, and it’s like someone read his wish list.

9 Latin American Writers You Should be Reading in 2014

Back away from One Hundred Years of Solitude and toss that old paperback of La casa de los Espíritus into the book donation bin, because Latin America’s rich literary heart was beating long before “the Boom,” long before colonization, even—and it hasn’t slowed yet.

Fun Dads, Loss, and ‘Saving Mr. Banks’

Like Mary Poppins’ creator, writer Kip Robisch lost his ‘fun dad’ early.

Equating Love With Possession

The definition of love is not determined by the way we believe most people act with their lovers.

Discover Four More Great Children’s Books From Around the World

Four more micro reviews of rare, great and unique children’s books from around the world, courtesy of One

The Buffest Nation on Earth: An Essay About Male Bodies

Oliver Lee Bateman discusses Pain & Gain director Michael Bay’s problems with male body image.