What A Wise Old Farmer Taught Me About Love

Jordan Gray took an older farmer out for coffee and asked him his best advice about love and life. —– His tiny spoon clanks down on to the side of his white plate as he fumbles to grasp his cup of coffee. He is in no rush, and it seems that he has never had […]

Young Men Are Told to Pursue Their Passion, But What Are Keys to the Chase?

Know the difference between passion and love, find the appropriate balance, let your passion drive your work choices, and don’t be afraid to quit.

Cookie Cutter: There is No Cut Out for the Perfect Boy

Parenting sons is not a one-size-fits-all job. Brandy Pettigrew explains her journey of raising two boys.

Your Kids Are Gonna Die

Nobody gets out of this alive, but here’s how you can improve your children’s chances: Teach them about real risk.

The Truth Behind Your Comfort Zone And How It’s Creating A Boring Life For You

Paul Hudson wants you to get rid of the training wheels and enjoy a little risk.

Confessions of a Recovered Porn Addict

To prepare myself for writing today I watched some Internet porn.

“Withholding sex as a weapon IS abuse.”

This is a comment by Archy on the post “Withholding Sex is Not a Joke”.

A New Method to Keep Leah From Yelling at Us

As a follow up to our potty training sessions, we seem to have developed our own method of potty/sleep training.