Economists Agree the Stimulus Improved the Economy. Surprised?


After years of political and economic doom and gloom, should we celebrate good economic news and keep moving our country forward?

Art, Farming and a Safe Place For Boys to Discover Meaning


Is this a model for serious education reform? Theodore Richards and The Chicago Wisdom Project.

Red Herrings: They’re Just Like Hitler

red herring

A red herring isn’t a fish, but rather the stinkiest method to blow a discussion off course.

What Is Freedom?


Freedom is–has to be–more than just a word or slogan. And it’s not what people say it is.

Faking It

Pope Benedict XVI

Who do you put your faith in, who might be faking their belief?

What Is Good Journalism?


Using the U.S. Benghazi embassy attack as an example, Eric Sentell reveals the “echo chamber” effect in partisan journalism.

Is There a Rational Approach to Prisons?


Our prisons, L. Edward Day writes, need to become a place for rehabilitation, not a place for punishment.