Welcoming the New Generation of Highly Sensitive Men

Rick Belden gives readers a name for what they have always known about themselves.

When “Forgive” Is An Abuse Trigger

For some child abuse survivors, forgiveness is a path to healing. For others, being pressured to forgive only makes things worse. Don’t assume that you know which is which.

Smashing Male Stereotypes

We’re not all stereotypical, but even men who fit a mold are still real.

Virus: Multimedia

The nightmare of infection ends here. Poet Rick Belden and visual artist Staci Poirier on the infectious nature of family violence.

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Father Dream (Pieces): A Poem

The father Rick Belden escaped returns in unexpected ways.

Poetry by Kids

Writers form bonds with one another, beginning with the first words we read … and write. An introduction to the Poetry by Kids series on The Good Life.


The arrow’s course shows the curve of the world.

The Good Life Includes Poetry

The life worth living includes the arts.

“Poetry for Men” and Other Problematic Labels

Rick Belden finds that labeling his poetry only limits the reader’s expectations.

Poetry on Video: “Easter”

Rick Belden reads a poem called “Easter” from his book Iron Man Family Outing: Poems about Transition into a More Conscious Manhood.

My Life With Iron Man

When Rick Belden was in need of a masculine figure, Iron Man helped him cope with the difficulties of life.

Fused at the Wound

Rick Belden speaks about loving someone you don’t want to fix.

A View Through a Cracked Lens

Rick Belden watches an interview with Jon Ritchie, childhood friend of Jerry Sandusky, and knows only too well what Jon describes.

Soul Is Hard to Find

After all the hard work he’s put in, Rick Belden wonders if there are some things we just can’t change.

Men and Spirituality

What do you believe in?

Use Everything

Loving yourself is the soul’s work, says Rick Belden.