Of Redskins and Yids

When it comes to offensive team names, Stephen Silver tries to make sense of what you can and can’t say.

Rick Reilly Presumes to Know What’s Best for All Adoptees

It doesn’t matter whether Rick Reilly is an adoptive father. He should not presume to know how adoptees or birth parents feel, or tell them what they should do.

Men Who were Abused as Boys

By reducing those who sexually abuse men and boys to “Sanduskys”, we put a generic face on a very real problem.

Sandusky, Paterno, Rick Reilly, & Me

Marcus Williams thinks that when Rick Reilly went hard on Paterno, he may have let the rest of us off too easy.

Open Thread: Where’s The Strangest Place You’ve Found The TV Remote?

In honor of the death of the man who invented the TV remote control, the Good Feed Blog editors ask: where is the strangest place you’ve found your remote?