I’m An MRA-Bashing Feminist — But Because I’m a Man, Trolls Leave Me Alone


No one has ever threatened violence against me, or said I was too ugly to rape. Why? Male privilege.

Why I’m Abandoning the Pursuit of Happiness

How I'm Escaping by Thomas Fiffer

Tor Constantino is no quitter, but he’s giving up on happiness. He’s pursuing something better …

What The World Would Be Like If It Were Men Who Got Their Periods


The question was kind of funny. The answers were eyebrow raising.

A Father’s Manifesto: Raising Young Men Who Respect Women

Father with Arm Around Son (13-15), front view portrait.

Leo Babauta is asking fathers of boys to teach them how to respect women.

Does Arizona Hate Everyone?

Arizona Flag

Arizona’s proposed “religious freedom” bill, S.B. 1062, could soon be passed into law and it might have some negative effects that neither side has considered.

I am a Ukrainian: A Protest Video


Coming out of the current unrest in Ukraine this video looks to bring the reality of the protests to the eyes of the world.

Fighting for My God-Given Right to Own Cobras

cobras photo by zoonabar

James Stafford, in defense of cobras for self-defense.

“Since the BSA can expel gay people, it’s up to their allies who are harder to demote or expel to be that voice in the organization.”


This is a comment by Ryan Hauck on the post “No Equality Badge For Boy Scouts Of America”.

Why Loving Homosexuals Means Letting Them Marry: A Christian Perspective

gay marriage, weddings, Christian marriage

Love one another—the rest is commentary.

No Money for Adult Bookstores

immoral businesses, business practices, lending practices, banking, business loans

Should businesses make decisions on moral grounds?

A Reverence for Reproductive Justice


Rev. Matthew Westfox appears on MSNBC to talk about Christianity and reproductive rights.

Privilege vs. Rights: an Important Distinction


If health care is a right, then what is the cost of freedom?

The Tyranny of Rights


In an age of nuclear weapons and mass shootings, does it still make sense to uphold an American’s constitutional right to bear arms?

“A kind of rape society doesn’t talk about is the type where ‘consent’ is given through coercion or wearing-down.”


This is a comment by Davey on the post “Nice Guys Commit Rape Too”.

How to Miss Someone During the Holidays


A larger-than-life uncle and “pit bull lawyer” taught Philip Menchaca gratitude for American citizenship.

The Dying Game


Can a merciless marketplace be entrusted with caring for people?