The Stranger in the Mirror

Chrysanthemum Tran – “Transplant”

You Do Not Have The Right

Brock Turner, you do not have the right to rape an innocent [unconscious] woman because you happen to be athletic, white, or an Ivy League student.

What Losing Prince Means to Music

A musical legend is gone, but the music industry may just be letting out a sigh of relief.

History’s Take on Supreme Court Nominees

What two legal scholars learned from studying 70 years of Supreme Court confirmation hearings.

Vote or No Vote, Macedonia is Screwed

Macedonia doesn’t get to vote in the election. But they’re still greatly affected by it.

David Bowie: Artist, Legend, Ally

David Bowie has left behind a legacy that should make everyone ask, “What will my legacy be?”

The Dad Who Won Landmark Supreme Court Gun Case Proposes 6-Step Solution to End Gun Violence

President Obama just gave a widely anticipated press conference on taking executive action to reduce gun violence. Matt Sweetwood’s article from last August had included proposals similar to President Obama’s—along with a few others.

Everyone Should Know How to Film Police Brutality

It’s more complicated than hitting a record button.

I’m An MRA-Bashing Feminist — But Because I’m a Man, Trolls Leave Me Alone

No one has ever threatened violence against me, or said I was too ugly to rape. Why? Male privilege.

Why I’m Abandoning the Pursuit of Happiness

Tor Constantino is no quitter, but he’s giving up on happiness. He’s pursuing something better …

What The World Would Be Like If It Were Men Who Got Their Periods

The question was kind of funny. The answers were eyebrow raising.

A Father’s Manifesto: Raising Young Men Who Respect Women

Leo Babauta is asking fathers of boys to teach them how to respect women.

Does Arizona Hate Everyone?

Arizona’s proposed “religious freedom” bill, S.B. 1062, could soon be passed into law and it might have some negative effects that neither side has considered.

I am a Ukrainian: A Protest Video

Coming out of the current unrest in Ukraine this video looks to bring the reality of the protests to the eyes of the world.

Fighting for My God-Given Right to Own Cobras

James Stafford, in defense of cobras for self-defense.

“Since the BSA can expel gay people, it’s up to their allies who are harder to demote or expel to be that voice in the organization.”

This is a comment by Ryan Hauck on the post “No Equality Badge For Boy Scouts Of America”.