Take a Risk if You Dare

risk, adrenaline, chance, courage, jump, bumgee jump, scared, fear, brave

Bored by our careful culture of risk aversion, Ged Naughton lays down a challenge: Do something new and different for once. Take a risk!

Death Wish

drunk driving, teens drunk driving, teens drinking, suicidal behavior, risky behavior, physical risk taking, adolescent males, competition, male sexuality

Risky behavior in adolescent males ranges from self improvement to suicidal, but the reward is the same.

How to Deal with a Partner who Has an Addiction


Addiction shatters relationships all the time—and the only way to put them back together is by being there, giving time, and staying positive.

A Response to: “A Place of Hope”

photo by dweekly

Heather Berg seeks to clarify some points around “risky behaviors”, “sexually acting out” and “girls vs. young adults” in Tom Matlack’s interview with the directors of Germaine Lawrence residential treatment facility for adolescent girls.