A GMP Exclusive Interview with Filmmaker Frederick Marx on Rites of Passage and Storytelling

How can we help young men grow into mature adults? Frederick Marx shows us the way through the power of film.

The Male Rites of Passage

Is an active, purposeful fatherhood one of our culture’s most important rites of passage?

A Dad Laments the Journey From the “Wonderful Ones” to the “Terrible Twos”

Dad Casey Cavalier chronicles the path of his son Eddie, who was a stellar one-year old. Now at two, he is completely characteristic of the age. Here is the story.

Meet the Green Man: Archetype for A Wild Soul

View image | gettyimages.com Somewhere in your soul, there’s a wild man of the wood waiting to be discovered. — After days of cold, grey rain, I needed to get out and walk. Opening the gate in the tall deer fence, I stepped through into the soggy field with its newly sprouted carpet of vividly […]

3 Things Young Men Learn From Initiation Rituals

Helping young men be at peace with themselves, overcome their fears, and make the world a better place

A Dad’s Sad Good-Bye to the Baby Years

In a conversation with his two-year old daughter, blogger Ian Colvin realized that he is about to say good bye to the “baby years” forever. He’s not sure he is ready.

Men’s Rites of Passage: The Almost Lost Tradition

Even in our technologically advanced society the ancient Rite of Passage has much to offer the Modern Man and may in fact help him find his way within it.

How to Feel Like a Man

Some boys grow up and never quite feel like men. The Art of Manliness says you feel like a man when you start acting like one and offers some manly advice on how to begin.

Every Man Has to Die

Duncan Alldridge laments the absence of rites of passage that taught men that “death was the primary way to build or rebuild a real life.”

The Journey to Manhood Starts With Letting Go

Setting the foundation is the key to helping our boys find their way to manhood.

Why Do I Want to Be a Best Man?

Richard Boehmcke hasn’t been a Best Man, or even a groomsman. He wants to know why it matters to him, and if other men worry about this, too.

How to Pull a Tooth With a Rocket (Or, What Dads Do When Mom Is Not Home)

Hugh Paxton suggests you don’t try this at home.

Roll of Toilet Paper Vs. Lion: A Body Language Tutorial

What lessons can we take from this video of a man taking on a lion with nothing more than a roll of toilet paper? Michael Amity has some thoughts.

The Stories on Our Skin: Men, Tattoos and the Act of Commitment

In a world bereft of rites of passage, Wolfgang Brolley considers the inked stories on our skin.

Three Experiences that Make a Modern Man

What are the experiences which make modern masculinity?

Why Men, Young and Old, Need a Rite of Passage to Relearn About Manhood

Alan Bishop believes rites of passage are important so that men can connect with other men and gain a sense of community that is being lost. Do you agree? What do you think a rite of passage into manhood should look like?