Steer Your Company Culture: Create Company Rituals

Sue Funkhouser explains that rituals are experiential reminders of what is most valued and are a vital component to creating cohesive company cultures.

After 50 Years, I Sent Back My College Fraternity Pin

“I felt better after purging my memory of the sham and false brotherhood.”

Did You Cry When He Left?

Snake Bloomstrand, on rituals that make a boy into a man.

You Guys Ready to Have Some Fun? The Juggernaut That Is Today’s Kid Birthday Party

Kermet Apio on birthday parties, the dreaded bouncy house, and gift bags filled with toys that implode like a Mission Impossible cassette.

Holiday Rituals: A Thanksgiving Nation or A Christmas Nation?

Michael C. Phillip on society’s need to be more like Thanksgiving and less like Black Friday.

Are Engagement Rings Still Necessary?

What can a shiny rock with no intrinsic value provide? Whatever you want it to.

The Humble Fish Hook

Fishing, like sex and golf, is another thing you don’t have to be good at to enjoy.

“The priority for cosmetically altering genitals goes person who owns the genitals > everybody else.”

Will you have your infant boy circumcised? If not, do you think people should be able to retain the right for religious rituals, or should the practice be banned all together? What if male circumcision took place late in life instead of at infancy?

(Co) Sleeping with the Enemy

Adrian Kulp thinks it’s time to get his bed back. Easier said than done.

Himalayan Song

As different as people and traditions are around the world, sometimes it’s the similarities that sneak up on us and surprise us the most.

Lost in the Wilderness

Destinations are the goal, but often getting lost is what the journey is all about.

How to Miss Someone During the Holidays

A larger-than-life uncle and “pit bull lawyer” taught Philip Menchaca gratitude for American citizenship.

Hunting for Dad: Three Generations Take Aim at Familial Bonding

12-year-old hunter gets shot at Big Snotty to salvage annual hunting trip for the family

Hunting for Dad: The Burial and Blackberry Brandy

Family and friends bury the ashes of the man who brought them together

Connect Four

Connect with the ones you love, every chance you can.

“With an arbitrary age for adulthood and no guidance, people end up ‘lost’ after high school.”

This is a comment by Trevor Sprague on the post “Where’s My Burning Ant-Glove?”