The Utility of Violent Porn

Under what circumstances is it acceptable to simulate non-consensual or violent sex?

Our Porn, Ourselves

Charlie Glickman maps the sexist anti-porn arguments of radical feminist Robert Jensen.

Getting Off Part Three: Jensen Gets Something Right

[The phrase “be a man”] is usually connected to one man’s demand that another man be “stronger,” which is traditionally understood as the ability to suppress emotional reactions and channel that energy into controlling situations and establishing dominance. Be a man, then, typically translates as: Surrender your humanity. –Robert Jensen, Getting Off Reversed stupidity is […]

Getting Off, Part Two: Pornography

This week, on Ozy Is Annoyed At A Radical Feminist… Critique of Porn, ur doin it rong.

Male Sexuality as Degrading

Trigger warning for mentions of rape. Moderation Note: In this thread, please refer to the ideas of “Jensen” or “sex-negative feminists,” not the ideas of “feminists” or “the feminist movement.” Sex-positive feminism has been a major force in the feminist movement for several decades now and it’s a bit silly to erase us. I have recently read […]

Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like

Pornography, Robert Jensen writes, can dramatically decrease a man’s capacity for empathy.