The True Face of American Men on the Screen

Or should we say, what the true face should really look like?

‘A Walk in the Woods’ An Uplifting Journey into the Wilderness

Two old guys decide to hike the treacherous Appalachian Trail.

You Don’t Want to Miss ‘All is Lost’

For James Halcomb, this was one movie that has always stuck with him.

Cracking the Code of Dyslexia

Rich Monetti attends The Windward School’s screening of The Big Picture: Rethinking Dyslexia and a panel discussion on the misconceptions of dyslexia.

If It’s Hard & It’s Work, It’s Not LOVE

Without love there is no flavor or meaning. Give into it and accept it with an open heart and you both will thrive.

Gatsby as Stalker

Pat Brothwell learns how a new generation interprets his literary favorite.

Five Films That Changed the Game

The Seventies were a decade of smashing taboos in filmmaking: in dialogue, depictions of history, and the image of the leading man.

Baseball on the Silver Screen

In the spirit of Oscar season, Paul Lanning offers his 15 favorite movies about the national pastime.

That Time I Couldn’t Compromise My Principles

“My need for a community subsided as my backbone for being a man grew stronger. It was clear that in spite of losing my friends and my dream I had something I never had before: my voice.”

The Horse Whisperer Gives Parenting Advice

“Make it difficult for the horse to do the wrong thing and easy to do the right one.” Oh, hey, that works for kids also.