A Call to Dispense With Our Culture of Fear

A Call to by GlynLowe

Matthew Rozsa offers three suggestions to protect both the police and the communities that fear them and calls for both groups to demand that politicians enact them.

Remembering Rodney King

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A recent video of Rodney King speaks to his hopefulness for the future of America and race relations… What do you think will be the enduring legacy of Rodney King?

Rodney King Dead at 47

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The Good Feed Blog editors share news that Rodney King, victim of LAPD brutality in 1991, was found dead this morning.

Only First Base: Trayvon Martin and a Decision Not Made Lightly

AP photo sanford police dept

Nick Florest puts the arrest of George Zimmerman in a context that is both historical and looking to the future.

Poll: How Do You Think Race Relations Have Changed Since The ’92 LA Riots?

AP Photo L.A. Riots

Poll: Have race relations improved over the past 20 years? Are we all “getting along”?

LA Riots: 20 Years Later


Rodney King talks about the LA Riots, and 20 years after the LA Riots, we ask ourselves, how have race relations changed?