5 Annoying Things Male Teachers Hear


Teaching is still considered to require or reward qualities we consider inherently feminine.

Without Rain There Can Be No Rainbows

rainbow new zealand

Rural New Zealand, 2003. An excerpt from Ryan Chin’s book about the importance of role models.

Heroes, Race, and a Man Named Washington


Brian Shea seeks to come to terms with the legacy of George Washington, and without the usual excuses.

How Moms Can Raise Gentlemen


Eduardo García believes that modern men can be gentlemen, and that modern women can raise their sons that way.

This is Not What You’d Expect a Cop to Do When He Pulls Over

Dashcam video

If you are expecting to see something out of “Cops”, think again.

A Mentor on a Mission to Embrace, Impact and Encourage

1-Keith Brown

Keith Brown knows the power of mentoring, so when he recognized the need for more black male mentors in his community he stepped on to center stage to play the role of a lifetime.

Fun Dads, Loss, and ‘Saving Mr. Banks’


Like Mary Poppins’ creator, writer Kip Robisch lost his ‘fun dad’ early.

The Redemption That Wasn’t: Riley Cooper Is No Role Model of Mine

riley cooper redemption photo

[B]eing a man, being a good man, a man worthy of praise, a man worthy of admiration, a man worthy of second chances, of redemption even, that takes a whole lot more than catching touchdown passes.

Even Grown Women Need Positive Male Role Models


Carlette Norwood has been searching for a positive male role model since she was a child. Now, as a grown woman, she found one.

35 Years Ago ‘Superman The Movie’ Made Us Believe a Man Could Fly


Greg Simms celebrates the anniversary of the first great superhero movie.

Good Men on Film: Six Characters Who Taught Me to be a Man

planes trains

Eric Shapiro on six positive male pop culture role models.

6 Reasons Why You Should Celebrate International Men’s Day


It is International Men’s Day today. Why is this necessary and what can you do to be part of the in crowd?

The Question Is…. Which Artists Helped You Move Towards Adulthood?


What artists/writers/performers grasped you at a young age and carried you on towards becoming the person you are now?

The 6 Weights of Manhood

Dr Vibe and the six weights of manhood

What does it mean to be a man in this day and age? Let us know if these 6 tenets resonate with you — and add your own.

Who Are the Top Five Comic Book Fathers?

Uncle Ben

Even superheroes need super role models. Kyle Wiley picks five of his favorites.

The Coolest Man in the Room: Ghostbuster Peter Venkman as Male Role Model


Tom Burns on why he wanted to be like the guy who got all the best lines.