10 Things Everyone Should Do After a Breakup

Did you just go through a break-up? Frank Lowe has some tough love and a to-do list for you. Get your pencils out. Ready? Go.

7 Adventurously Homoerotic Tinder Date Ideas

Mike Clark lays out seven great date ideas for that perfect guy you haven’t met yet. Oh, yeah, and for the heteronormative, these can work for you too.

4 Ways to Have a Better Romantic Relationship

While you nor your partner can escape feelings of pressure at work or at home, you and your partner can make your relationship more pressure-less by using the following pressure solutions.

Why I Hate Jack & Diane

Romantic love is one of the many perks we get to appreciate more with age.

Why a Kiss is More Than Just a Kiss

View image | gettyimages.com – You must remember this, kissing is more than just for lips. For both men and women, a kiss is a beautiful and intimate connection in romantic relationships.   Do you remember your first real kiss? I do. I had kissed others before, made out with others is probably a better […]

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How To Get The Slight Edge In Your Relationship

Jordan Gray says that you can improve your relationship using these small, simple actionable steps starting today.

​I Wanted a Fairy Tale Romance, What I Got Was So Much Better

An apology to my husband, and all men, for how women get brainwashed about romance

The Spiritual Quest for Love: Part Two – The Turning Point

What we learn along the journey towards love is all the things we must have in our next relationship and all the things we must let go of to be happy.

How To Make Your Significant Other Feel Significant Again

Jordan Gray says that it doesn’t take much to remind our partners how much we love them. And you can start with these three simple tips.

The Care and Feeding of Your Lover

Pray for your lover’s health and happiness, then let go and let them pursue it how ever it best suits them in the moment.

20 Ways to Love Your Lover: Small Things Men Can Do That Mean Everything

What really matters to a woman are the small things that let her know you are thinking of her.

Do This One Thing to Make Your Partner Absolutely Ecstatic

Daniel Dowling reveals the secret to a great marriage and lasting intimacy with your partner.

11 Romantic Ways to Lose Weight With Your Partner

There are sexier ways for both of you to drop some pounds than going on competing diets.

4 Pieces of Relationship Advice You Should Ignore

If you want to find lasting love, ignore these clichés.

The One Secret For Men to Stay In Love Forever

Love is never easy. There are no tricks. Just one secret – Jed Diamond, PhD lets you in.

Men: 5 Things That Will Make Her Happy

Want to jump start your relationship?