My Valentine Wish for All


Dave Kanegis has one wish for Valentine’s Day this year: take it as an opportunity to love, even if you aren’t in a relationship

5 Powerful Ideas You Can Use For Valentine’s Day

Young Woman with Silk Valentine Heart

Jordan Gray gives you five powerful ideas that you can totally steal for Valentine’s Day.

5 Ways Men Are Wrong About What Women Want

5765303526_8ed8d4d35d_z (1)

James Michael Sama identifies five false perceptions on women and dating in general and the truth behind them.

Valentine’s Day: I Used To Scorn It. Now? 25 Loving Suggestions.


Jesse Kornbluth takes a turn for romanticism as Valentine’s Day nears.

Why Romantic Love Just Might Save Humanity

Romantic Love can Save Humanity photo by Tao-B

Falling in love can be deeply disorienting. Bryan Reeves thinks that’s because it’s an invitation to one of the biggest transformations humanity can experience.

The 5 Hidden Triggers in Every Relationship

5 Hidden Triggers by Aidan Morgan

Thomas Fiffer identifies 5 loaded guns that threaten to blow your relationship apart.

5 Ways to Stay in Love

5 Ways to Stay by Steven S

When the love is there but the thrill is gone, these five fire starters can help you rapidly rekindle your romance.

100 Words on Love: Through the Cold

snow heart

This blanket of memories will carry us through the winter of our love.

10 Reasons Why Married Couples Stop Dating—and How to Beat the Boredom of Monogamy

10 Reasons Why by Top Budapeset

Mike Berry got his marriage mojo back by dating his spouse—and you can do it, too.

You Can Move From Dating to Love With One Simple Change

How to Move by Kerem Tapani Gultekin

Thomas Fiffer may have found the dating game-changer. Care to give it a try?

Want Love? Break These Ten Common Dating Habits


If we want a shot at real romance, we’re gonna have to blow this BS out of the water. James Michael Sama explains.

12 Times It’s Time to Call It Quits on Your Relationship

break up photo by emiliene etienne

Here’s a list of looming trouble. And if it hits too close to home, you might be in a dead-end romance.

Burning the Pages of the Divorce Playbook

burning the pages of divorce playbook

As the concept of starting relationships evolves in the 21st Century, the same is true for ending them.

Sex Starts in the Morning

Sex Starts by Lea

Mike Berry shares his secret to having more better sex with his wife … and it works in any marriage!

10 Struggles You Endure as a Hopeless Romantic in the Hook-Up Culture

hopeless romantic

You question whether or not you are the problem.