100 Words on Love: Coming Home

abre tu heart

…shorthand for the longing built up

Why Don’t Some Men Commit? Too Many Digital Options


Greg Simms examines why the lure of internet possibilities seems more engaging than the lure of true love.

The Dead Zone: On Relationships That Drag On


Carlette Norwood shares some advice for those times when you feel locked in an unfulfilling relationship.

“choose to let romance/excitement go…choose to stop taking care of ourselves physically…”

old love

This comment by Lee on the post Why Love Doesn’t have to Make Sense

Moving Beyond the Relationship Blame Game


Freya Watson believes only when men and women see other as spiritual beings with lessons to learn, will the mutual wounding stop.

I Was My Girlfriend’s First Boyfriend: Tips for Newcomers

first girlfriend boyfriend photo by yusunkwon

Nick Jurczak realizes both the awesomeness and the responsibility of being the first boyfriend his girlfriend has ever had. He shares what he had learned.

Breaking Away From Her


Breaking up is not the same as letting go. LeRon Barton talks about how he learned the difference.

Committing to It: Making Married Sex the Best Sex

Black and white penguins. Mate for life.

Red hot wedded sex.

100 Words on Love: Marry Me

campfire open aperture

Your smile is every reason I have.

Don’t ‘Fall’ In Love


Falling in love implies a helplessness. And if you fall forever, Mark Radcliffe says, you’ll hit the ground.

In Paris, A Bohemian Love at First Sight


Queue the squeezebox and pop the champagne. This story of courtship gives us a reason to believe in mature romance.

Marriage is About an ‘I Will’, Not Just an ‘I Do’

marriage vow-by Ani's Photography-flickr

Brendan Malone believes that true romance should seek to “serve the good of the other,” instead of just drawing couples into a mutually and emotionally pleasing experience.

The First Date is the Weirdest


N.C. Harrison recounts some of his weirdest first dates and explains why those incidents won’t stop him on his quest for true love.

What Can You Say About Love in Only 100 Characters?

scrawled I love you

…Quite a lot, it turns out.

What a Horse Can Teach you About Your Wife: Lessons from a Horse Whisperer

horse whisperer

If you can communicate with a horse, you can communicate with your wife. Learn how.

Go Ahead, Ladies, Ask Him Out


The most exciting date of my life was when she asked me out instead of the other way around.