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GMP Dads Workshop: Why “Date Nights” Fail an How to Revive Your Marriage

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42 Bold Questions to Ask Yourself If You Feel Like You’re Settling in Love

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Sleeping Apart

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Lost Love: When You Can’t Find Your Ex on the Internet

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Jia Oak Baker’s poem made finalist for the 2015 Best of the Net Awards!

Love is an e-Motion

Love is open like a storefront, honest like recovery and messy like art.

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My Husband Never Changes the Toilet Paper Roll

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Red Hot Sex and Real Lasting Love: Understanding the New Science of Desire

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Lessons from a Newlywed in a House Full of Swingers

I was a newlywed, married to the daughter of a man who sold sex for a living and let other men sleep with his wife.  — Marriage is complicated.  Not only must you adapt to sharing your life with your spouse, but you also inherit a second family. My wife’s Mom was the quintessential matriarch, […]