5 Ways to Rock a Long Distance Relationship


A few key thoughts about keeping love alive across the miles, by Steve Harper.

Where Love Lives – The Everyday Love of a Good Husband


Love comes in many forms: Stacey Connor shares a moment of her day on how the little things are sometimes the most powerful.

13 Signs The Person Who Loves You Simply Just Gets You


A Gen Y writer talks about how important and powerful chemistry in a relationship is.

If You Have to Convince Someone You’re Right for Them, Maybe They’re Not Right for You

romance photo by jeroenbennink

Paul Hudson tells his own personal story of trying—for years—to convince someone to love him. Perhaps there is learning for us all.

An Unsuccessful Attempt to Be a Considerate Lover

photo by perspective

Bob Marrow remembers a time when he thought he was reading the signals perfectly. Not quite.

How We Are All Responsible For Making ‘I Love You’ Completely Meaningless


P-Hud (Paul Hudson) is back. And he’s taking Gen Y to task in this piece, for killing the meaning and power of the words ‘I love you’.

Perfect vs. Real: How to Enjoy Our Partner’s Imperfections

Ideal vs Real by Kai Schreiber

Transformations coach Liz Foglesong offers thoughts on how to mend the rift between our unrealistic expectations and our partner’s true beauty.

“Most importantly don’t be a coward about breaking up.”

Breaking up

How to Break Up with a girl (From a Guy Who’s Done it Wrong a Few Times)

Before We Fall In Love


Kristin Monk recounts how she feels when she’s first falling in love with a guy.

Why Romantic Love Isn’t The Most Important Love You Should Pursue In Life

more than romance

Lauren Martin on all the love to be found around us.

‘Is This a Kissing Book?’ The Princess Bride Teaches Boys to Appreciate Love Stories


Bruce Ditman is passionate about the epic fairytale The Princess Bride, which reminds us that emotion isn’t poison and love stories aren’t just for girls.

Is This Love? Ask Yourself These 3 Questions When You ‘Got to Know’

Is This Love by Christian Gonzalez

The thrill of love is like no other experience. Or is it? Answering these three questions will tell you if it’s really love—or something else—that you’re feelin’.

The Subtle Things That Make Men More Attractive

…although I expect to get an “Eye-f*** your way into her pants” marketing email any day now.

Yeah, we know being attractive matters in dating. But did you know there is a LOT you can do to increase your appeal? Dr. NerdLove explains.

Guys, How To Get Her At Hello – Speak To Her Soul Instead Of Her Booty


Dixie Gillaspie’s advice to dudes on how to stop using stupid, caveman approaches and get what you really want.

Top 5 Things That Turn Men Off During Sex

sexy couple

A recent post on BlackDoctor.org suggests these are the top 5 things that turn men off during sex and suggestions on how to deal with them.

Short Film: The Agonizing Moment of Letting Love Walk on By…Or Not.


So Many Opportunities to Connect. What if You Took Just One?