Yowie, “Yaoi”! Male Fetishization In American Comics And Manga

manga lead

To read Massive isn’t to discover a hidden truth, but to see a massive, obvious fact, bulging out for the world to see.

It’s Not Just Sex That He’s Longing For. It’s This.

couple sleeping

Steve Horsmon shares what many men secretly crave and have a hard time asking for.

3 Things Driven Men Need In A Partner


Jordan Gray says that everyone years for an emotionally fulfilling relationship… but driven people can often be the most reluctant to reach out for love.

The Forgotten Value Of Commitment


Commitment is not the act of losing your freedom; but exercising it to choose who you want to give your most valuable gifts to.

Six Things That I Should Have Done Yesterday

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Jon Vaughn wonders if things would have turned out differently if he had done these few things.

10 Ways To Resurrect Romance


James M. Sama on how to light the fire once again.

Three Ways to Kill Routine and Revive Your Romance

Relationship Rut

At some point most relationships end up in the rut of routine, here is a sure-fire way to get out of it and stay out for good.

The Real Reason Nice Guys Finish Last


You’re gonna have to do more than be nice to get the girl.

This is What Happens When You Find The Woman You’ve Been Looking For

the woman of your dreams

How do you know when you’ve found “the one”? James M. Sama has some ideas.

How Your Greatest Insecurities Reveal Your Deepest Gifts


It’s so easy to get lost in the quest for self-improvement. Every billboard seduces us with the vision of a happier, more successful life. Ken Page suggests an opposite road to happiness.

I Used to Objectify Women, and Now I Don’t Know How to Really Love


Want to build a relationship that’ll last? This is the way to take things with a woman you’re serious with.

You Can’t Ignore the List of Traits You Hate for the One You Love


One of the most important things I had to learn for myself is that it’s ok to admit that a person is wrong for you.

When it Comes to Romance, Cynics are Luckier Than Hopefuls


Is optimism the right call for love? Alexia DeFata checks out the details.

Outlander – Romance Fiction and Why We Fantasize About Infidelity

Claire and Jamie

Noah Berlatsky explains that illicit passions aren’t less enjoyable because they’re illicit. Quite the contrary.

9 Ways to Know Your Ex is Meant to be Your Ex


Let’s face it: All breakups are hard.

How the Definition of Romance Changes as You Mature


Real romance isn’t sold at a flower shop or ordered from an over-priced menu.