Johnny Cash: Life, Love, and the Magic of Being Your Badass Self

Johnny Cash, original men, Man in Black, musician, passion, dedication

Chantele Theroux on how to live and love like the Man in Black.

Does True Love Exist?

love is a puzzle

Carl Pettit is a romantic: despite the word’s overuse, he still believes in love—true love.

100 Words on Love: She Always Meets Me Halfway

romantic moments, romantic love, marriage, true love, father's lesson to son on love, 100 words from men on love, Scott Behson, The Good Life

It’s ten years later, and we’ve been meeting each other halfway ever since.

The Poet in Prison Dreams

swans, romantic love, arts, musicals, bird lovers, life in prison, life without parole, forgiveness, dreams, world peace

A lover of birds dreams he can fly and talk to animals … and that his human brothers and sisters might learn to forgive him.

The Power of Love Notes

love note

Whenever I think of love notes I think about the one stuck to my parents’ bathroom mirror.

Coming Unhinged [A Poem About Old Love]

antique hinge

Wood planks joining steps to porch marry, like ‘a kind of same-sexed couple’ at the front of an ancient farmhouse.

Ten Things I Love About My Wife

photo (24)

Okay guys, here’s my list. What’s yours?

Romance Is Not Dead


Two philosophy students go sailing and end up making music (and love).

Even Cavemen Have Souls


The way Madison Avenue markets to men, and the way most media depicts men, sells short even the most average and superficially stereotypical among us.

“Marriage is not and should not be about romantic love at all, but struggle.”


This is a comment by patrick “What Marriage Means to Me”.

Picnics or Porn: The Great Debate of Men and Romantic Love


Recent scientific research supports Jennifer Moss’ claim that the desire for love trumps the desire for sex.

Love, Hate, Rage, and Therapy

Photo by faith goble

Hugo Schwyzer on love, hate, indifference, and forgiveness.

What a Taoist Sage Can Teach Us About Finding Love

Photo by athomeinscottsdale

Mark D. White’s advice for finding love: be yourself, forget about ‘types,’ ditch online dating.

Wrapped in Plastic, They’re Fantastic


Turns out Ken is gay. And he has a new friend, Ben.

When Do People Break Up (According to Facebook)?

Courtesy of David McCandless via the Daily What

Perhaps this isn’t the best way to start your morning, but we found this fascinating infographic of when people tend to break up, and we felt the need to share.

Man-to-Man with Sex Rehab Star Duncan Roy

British film director Duncan Roy on his con-man dad, perpetuating shame, and washing under his… well, why don’t you just read for yourself.