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Men are creatures who love so infidelity can be the most devastating betrayal.

Why Romantic Love Just Might Save Humanity

Falling in love can be deeply disorienting. Bryan Reeves thinks that’s because it’s an invitation to one of the biggest transformations humanity can experience.

I Married A Man

Duana Welch is in love with her man, and she wants the world to know about it.

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Your marriage is the most important relationship in your family. That makes a weekend tryst a good investment.

Kissy, Kissy, Bang, Bang: The Importance of Kissing in a Long-term Relationship

Steven Lake echoes Charles Dickens who said, “Never close your lips to those whom you have already opened your heart.”

Perfect vs. Real: How to Enjoy Our Partner’s Imperfections

Transformations coach Liz Foglesong offers thoughts on how to mend the rift between our unrealistic expectations and our partner’s true beauty.

100 Words on Love: She Always Meets Me Halfway

It’s ten years later, and we’ve been meeting each other halfway ever since.

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Carl Pettit is a romantic: despite the word’s overuse, he still believes in love—true love.

The Poet in Prison Dreams

A lover of birds dreams he can fly and talk to animals … and that his human brothers and sisters might learn to forgive him.

The Power of Love Notes

Whenever I think of love notes I think about the one stuck to my parents’ bathroom mirror.

Coming Unhinged [A Poem About Old Love]

Wood planks joining steps to porch marry, like ‘a kind of same-sexed couple’ at the front of an ancient farmhouse.