Rove Hack: The Anonymous Conspiracy

Did hacker group Anonymous foil Karl Rove’s evil election-stealing plan? Greg Olear offers evidence that this conspiracy theory may be true.

Infographic: What if Only White Men Voted in the Election?

Ever wondered how our political landscape would look if we were one, homogenous group?

What Does ‘Mitt’ Mean?

Would you vote for a ‘Willard’ over a ‘Barry’?

Consider the Radical Center Before Voting

We should all be Americans before Democrats or Republicans.

Romney Advisor: Obama Should “Man Up”

So, anyone catch the American presidential debate last night? I did, as you would know if you followed me on Twitter like sensible people. Obama is a feminist! Romney thinks single moms cause gun violence! Romney has binders full of women! Sorry, Romney, but all the women really want to get into my binder. In the […]

Those Thin, Blurred Lines

Ken Goldstein on what to watch for in debates.

Why Mitt Romney Isn’t Wrong

Mitt Romney let slip the big debate/campaign secret: you can’t win or lose, much less be right or wrong. It’s nothing but a word game on top of a mess of details that will make all the seemingly impossible big points work out in the end.

Why My Grandma Would be Disappointed in Today’s Republicans

My Grandma was a self-made, hard-working, red-blooded American Republican. She even owned a handgun. Her proudest moment was serving Ronald Regan coffee.

Five Things That Shouldn’t Be Mentioned in a Political Campaign

Campaigns for political office are often painful to watch. Here are five ways to make them better.

25 Things I’d Like in My President

Tom Matlack cuts through the political rhetoric to identify what’s important to him. What’s on your list?

Canadians are Excited to Vote … in the U.S. Election

Four years ago, a London, Ontario politician told me, “You’re for Barack Obama? I know someone who has an Obama sign on their lawn. Let’s go and swipe it.”

Romney is an “Alpha Male” Apparently

Or so says the National Review. I remain confused about why I should give a fuck. The conventional biological wisdom is that men select mates for fertility, while women select for status — thus the commonness of younger women’s pairing with well-established older men but the rarity of the converse. The conventional biological wisdom is […]

Mitt Romney’s “Wimp Factor”

Seriously, Newsweek? Are you so low on negative traits to describe Romney that you had to choose ‘wimp’? Do I have to make a list of negative things about him? Even if you ignore, you know, his policies (which should be the key point of any presidential race), there’s his abuse of his dog, his history […]

Who Creates Jobs (and Other Critical Questions)

The most important thing we can do is treat our human capital in this country as our most precious national resource.

The Manliest Position – President

We can all hope for a woman President but until that happens we might want to consider the manliness of our hopefuls.

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Do You Believe In Porn and Magic?

According to Jack Varnell, the political fight against pornography is nothing more than smoke and mirrors.