“Society should be more supportive of parents like you…it means the reallocation of resources.”

Special Needs

This comment by David on the post Pulling Over: One Dad’s Search for Beauty in His Daily Parenting Routine

Learning To Be Alone Again


After ten years of marriage, Nathan Graziano is finding being alone a different challenge from his old single days.

Hotel Room Narcissism Meets Pretty Brutal Honesty: The Beginning of a Journey Back to Real Fitness


After spending some intense time focusing on spiritual development, I now turn to physical development.

The Return of Love


The “Love, Recorded” column returns: Matt’s wife comes back from Korea, but this time, it’s different.

Time vs. Money

Photo by graymalkn

William Brooks remembers a time before his divorce when his world revolved around his sons.

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There’s No Such Thing as ‘Routine’ Surgery


There’s no such thing as a routine surgical procedure.

Routine Heir


Roger Durham inherits his dad’s Father’s Day routine—and it’s perfect.